Thorns Of Ivy - Biography

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"Stay faithful to her eternal grace"
Where light gleams, there it breeds shadows, one life grows another wilts. Many sides inherent every creation and only her eternal grace may judge either to bloom or to rot. We take place as henchman on the dusky side of the only true deity. Driven by searing Misanthropy, gifted with the pain of certitude.

Unbound somewhere in the musical aether between metal and tragedy, lyricaly an anthology of saturnine tales about love and hatred, life and death, nature and the human squalor.

Founded in early 1998 as "Mantichora" the music was influenced by different gothic and medieval metal acts. Soon the first demo: A gothic fairytale was recorded. Frequent line up changes and quarrel within the band summoned a split up in April 2001. The remaining members Silva Raziel, Auriel and Woken began to gather new material for a greater monstrosity.

In 2003 the work for the first full length album: "From Grace to Tragedy" began. Due to it´s long duration (playtime 65:40) and the fact that the album was completely self produced and financed it was first released on March the 31st 2005.
The international resonances and reviews were very lauding, yet sometimes too comparing to our taste.

In late 2006 our tribe grew further by the arrival of two very talented musicians. Leandin and Krimh joined our ranks to take over the duties of guitars and drums.

In the early days of 2007, "Deathwish" was recorded in this new constellation to give a sign of life and to grant a peek on the things to come. At the moment we are busy searching for possibilities to perform live as well as gathering material for our second album.