Pale Divine - Biography

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For over a decade Pennsylvania's Pale Divine have been the torch bearers for traditional doom metal. Taking their inspiration from the likes of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden as well as doom metal stalwarts such as Trouble, Candlemass, Pentagram, The Obsessed, Cathedral and Solitude Aeturnus. It all began in the winter of 1995 when Greg Diener and Darin McCloskey began writing material that would soon comprise the bands first demo. With the lineup rounded out by Jay Purnell on bass the "Crimson Tears" demo was recorded and garnered the band rave reviews from publications such as Terrorizer and Metal Maniacs "Crimson Tears" put the band on the map, so to speak and laid the groundwork for their first full length release that would follow soon after.

"Thunder Perfect Mind" was released in 2001 by Game Two records and was equally well received. Featuring a guest appearance by Pentagram's very own living legend Bobby Liebling as well as the bombastic 13 minute fan favorite "Amplified." However shortly before the recording of "Thunder Perfect Mind" Jay Purnell was asked to leave the band and new bassist Jim Corl was ushered in for the recording and subsequent show dates. The album went on to garner even more favorable reviews and significantly helped to establish the band even further than before securing a slot at the very first SHoD festival in Manassas, Virginia as well as The Emissions From the Monolith Festival 2 in Youngstown, Ohio, Born Too Late in Rochester, New York and the Templars of Doom festival in Indianapolis, Indiana. The band was quickly gaining momentum and things were beginning to take shape.

Word began to travel and in 2004 Pale Divine attracted the attention of Maria Abril at Martyr Music Group who offered the band a deal to release their next full length release entitled "Eternity Revealed." Recorded by Chris Kozlowski (Pentagram, Penance, Internal Void, Spirit Caravan, etc.) at the "Polar Bear Lair" studio in Middletown MD, "Eternity Revealed" marked a decidedly darker more brooding atmosphere and delivery. Featuring re-recorded versions of the songs "Morphia," "Crimson Tears," "Lord of Sorrow," and "Serpents Path" from the "Crimson Tears" demo, a version of "Solitude" by Candlemass and five brand new compositions loosely based around the concept of human spirituality and the dark side of religion "Eternity Revealed" was also very well received and Pale Divine supported the release with a mini tour of the US with Place of Skulls.

Not long after the first pressing of "Thunder Perfect Mind" Game Two records decided to severely scale back it's production and in lieu of the records increasing demand they decided to release the rights to PsycheDOOMelic records out of Austria who eagerly accepted the offer and reissued the album with new back cover artwork and two bonus live tracks. In support of the reissued "Thunder Perfect Mind" album Pale Divine embarked on a short European tour once again with Place of Skulls as well as up and coming French doomsters Rising Dust. Playing the prestigious third annual Doom Shall Rise festival and Belgian Doom Night along the way. California native Perry Grayson (Falcon, Isen Torr, Destiny's End) was asked to fill in on bass for the absent Jim Corl who was unable to make the trip to Europe due to personal commitments. In spite of the last minute lineup change the shows were a great success and the band returned from Europe charged up to begin writing again.

Upon their return to the US Jim Corl announced that he would not be able to continue with the band any longer. Fortunately a replacement was found a few months later when John Gaffney responded to an announcement by the band that they would have to cancel their scheduled appearance at the Emissions from the Monolith 7 festival. After a brief audition Diener and McCloskey knew they found the right man for the job. Gaffney came into the fold armed with similar ideas and influences and became Pale Divine's most productive third member, contributing music and lyrics to nearly half of the bands ten new compositions. Plans were once again underway to enter the "Polar Bear Lair" studio with engineer Chris Kozlowski at the helm for what was to be a self financed venture since Martyr Music Group had also decided to close it's doors. "Cemetery Earth" was recorded from June to September 2006 and is clearly the bands best sounding and most metallic effort to date. Finally released in 2007, the band went to tour to, in 2008 work in the re-issue of their first demo, concluded in the same year.