Putrid Pile - Biography




In late 1995, Shaun Lacanne joined Numskull and had a 5 year reign of terror with the likes of Tom Bradner (Guitar), Paul Benigno (Vocals), Mike Eisenhauer (Bass), and Scott Creekmore (Drums). We went through a couple of lineup changes introducing Mark Page (Bass), and later Ryan Schaefer (Bass). Due to some circumstances beyond anyones control, Numskull split up. Hence the birth of Putrid Pile.

Frustrated with Numskull's breakup, I (Shaun) had to press on and be a part of the sickness that is the underground. Knowing already what I wanted, I immediately picked up a drum machine and started writing intense, sick and twisted guttural death metal. By the end of 2000, Putrid Pile had enough material for a 5-song demo. Early in 2001, Putrid Pile went to Mercenary Digital Studios to record the demo and entitled it "Bleed For Me". The first time it was ever released into public hands was at Milwaukee Metalfest 2001. It received a great response from the majority of the people who received a copy. Shortly afterwards Putrid Pile concentrated on live shows and getting as much publicity as possible.

Putrid Pile continued to play gigs mercilessly and whore out free "Bleed For Me" demos to anyone who would take one. The demo received many awesome reviews and continued to get a great response in the underground.

Eventually, Putrid Pile caught the ear of United Guttural Records and signed a deal with them. After the signing, Putrid Pile went into strict writing mode. Writing a total of seven more songs, along with the five from the demo, to record the first full length to be released in early 2003. "Collection Of Butchery", is the sickest material that Putrid Pile has done to date with awesome artwork and excellent / professional production.

In the very near future, Putrid Pile plans to have a full (human) band. Still keeping the intense and relentless drive of my original vision. The new material is a little more technical, then "Collection", but still has the insane hooks of the old school death metal that fans of the band have come to know and love. There's no stopping Putrid Pile in 2003 and beyond. Be expecting to see awesome and intense live shows and many more full lengths to come!