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Her Enchantment - Biography

This band's profile is 'invisible', meaning that it's much less prominent on the site - either because it's incomplete, or maybe doesn't entirely fit MS format.


Her Enchantment was formed in 1994 by Elwin Molenaar (drums) and Richard Hurkens (guitar/vocals) Together with John Durant (bass) and Nick Pel (guitar) the demo "Reflections from the other side" was recorded under the name of Crucified Corpse. Back then their sound was mostly influenced by Cannibal Corpse and My Dying Bride.

Early 1995 Nick was replaced by Dave van Beers and a female singer, Marije Meerdink was added to the line-up. These five recorded the demo "Servile to Serene", which was received well by both fans and media. The song "Devour thy Soul" featured on the "Sometimes Death is Better" compilation of Shiver Records.

1996 was the year Jasper Koenders took over Richard's guitar parts, so he could concentrate more on his vocal parts.

In 1997 Marije had to leave the band for personal reasons; she was replaced by Nienke de Jong.

1998 Crucified Corpse got signed by the Dutch Polar Bear Records label. Since the direction of the music slightly changed to a more melodic direction they decided to change their name to a more appropriate one, namely Her Enchantment. Under this name the album "Sagas" was recorded, which was again well received by the Dutch and Belgian press.

1999 Nienke left Her Enchantment and joined Autumn. She was replaced by original female vocalist Marije. Unfortunately, only a little later Jasper followed Nienke to Autumn as well. He was replaced by Mortal Form guitarist Teun.

In the year 2002 founding member and singer Richard left Her Enchantment for personal reasons. He was quite quickly followed up by former We, the Gods front man Richard Noordzij.

For two years this was a stable line up where Her Enchantment did a lot of (international) shows and recorded the three track single "Lacrimae Mundi". This single led them to the greatest achievement in their career so far. Her Enchantment signed a worldwide record deal with Burning Star records from Greece.

In 2004 Marije left the band again, and was replaced by Lucy Straates, a young and talented singer with no previous band experience. With the new found line up, the album "Darkest" was recorded, which was released in December 2005.

Unfortunately Elwin didn't see the release of the album anymore. He longed for a new future in Scotland. And not for the first time, someone had to be replaced. Elwin got replaced by Am Tuat drummer Sander Bosscher. But Sander didn't prove himself to be a worthy replacement, and after 6 months he was replaced by former Cypher and Cenotaph drummer Sjoerd van den Berg.

After evaluating the first half of 2006, the band decided not to continue with female singer Lucy. Currently Her Enchantment is searching for a capable replacement.

Even though Her Enchantment suffered from some major line up changes, they never lost their power and continued to write melodic heavy/death metal songs which is proven by their latest album "Darkest"!