The Provenance - Biography


Imagine the scenery of about 20 drunken minors in a church where the altar, now used as a livingroom, eminates the pure spirit(s) of history. This is where it all started, the provenance of The Provenance...

"-We were thinking, a blend of Swedish symphonic rock and English Doom. -Sounds interesting, so what part would I play in all of this? -Well, we figured since you play both keyboards and flute, as well as sing, we could try that too. -If you want to...? -Sure, but you also sing...!? -Yeah, we thought we could mix your feminine voice with my growling. -Do you have any material yet? -Not much, but we can show you if there's a guitar here. -Great, let's sit by the piano, I'll go get the guitar..."

This conversation took place in the summer of -95, between Emma Hellström, Tobias Martinsson and Joel Lindell, the three founding members of The Provenance. A few months later, they all started rehearsing together, writing new material which would lead them into the massive soundscapes performed and created to date.

Around March -96 they appeared for their first live gigs on the Gothenburg scene, with many more to come. Soon after this summer their first demo "Requiem of Mankind" was recorded at Adrenalin Studios by Pierre Lysell, who later came to join the band, as guitarist, for some very appreciated live performances.

We are now at the autumn of -97, and The Provenance are planning to record their second demo "Endless confinement". At this time the group, now consisting of four of todays members, has come a great deal further than just sitting by the piano at the church. The fourth member, Joakim Rosén, joined the band right before this recording, adding musical strength and fresh ideas. His work within the group would come to be more accentuated as time passed and prove to be a valid asset to the bands development. This work surfaced on the following recording. "A Prolouge", who's title can be enterpreted literally since it set the standards for the coming years of songwriting.

August -98, Emma leaves Sweden to work a year over in France. The three members stuck in Sweden focus on writing new material, spending a lot of time in the studio experimenting with different sounds and arrangements. Two demos "Opus Debris" and "Fervent Regression" are recorded featuring session musicians to cover Emma's spot. In the spring of -99 the absence of a bass player becomes more and more apparent. During a meeting with the spirit(s) at a local waterhole it's decided that Jonnie Täll, father of two children, is to carry the heavy burdens of the four previous bass players. The line up is now complete and steady for the first time in the bands history.

In the beginning of 2000 it's decided that a full-length album is to be recorded at Boiler Room Studios where drummer Joel works. At this time no record deal had been signed. The recording begins in February and is ended in April. Having recorded everything themselves, all expenses paid, they sign with Scarlet Records for three albums. The album "25th hour; bleeding" is released in September 24th 2001. The bands will to experiment create a majestic blend of sophisticated harmonies and pure head-banging sequences on this heavy, passionate, introspective, technical and original piece of work. They manage to accentuate all five members in ways seldom heard and this is an album showing the provenance of something great....

And something even greater was to follow indeed, with their second official release labelled "Still at arms length". After working on new material for about one and a half year they were ready to enter Oral Majority Recordings where this masterpiece was recorded. For the first time ever the band was working with a producer, which turned out to be exactly what they needed to present you with the just soundscapes their music is in need of. Roberto Laghi, the producer's given name, proved to be a valuable feature during the recordings and together with the band they created a newer, more natural sound for The Provenance. The "Still at arms length"-album is a darker creation than its predecessor, presenting a comfortable environment for promoting frustration, violent spins and pure misery. Simply put; one of the more emotional albums recorded in a very long time. Currently the band is enjoying the overwhelmingly fine results from media all over while at the same time writing new material for a follow-up…but to top this one they'll probably need some more help from the spirit(s)!?