President Evil - Biography

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The name says it all. A quintet from Bremen who play a coarse form of Rock 'N' Roll combined with a modern version of Heavy Metal and carry this from the live setting, right into the studio on new LP 'Hell In A Box' - released on January 25th 2008.

There are no boundaries with the Presidents. The production is timeless, inspiration comes from bands as diverse as Kyuss, Mötorhead, Anthrax and Slayer but there's every bit the Punk Rocker in there too as a powerful collection of songs and a gutsy performance hits the bullseye of Thrash 'N' Roll with ease.

It's been a roller-coaster for the Bremen bunch. From humble beginnings when Andy Classen (Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and Tankard) brought them into his studio to produce the first EP, 'Evil Goes To Hollywood', through performing 'Deathcar Racer' on MTV and then debut album 'The Trash 'N' Roll Asshole Show' in front of hundreds of people (with Betzefer in Europe) and then thousands of people (as the band were chosen by Angie Jorgensen (wife of Minstry's Al) to be the main support throughout Europe on the last Ministry / Fear Factory tour in 2006, the guys have stuck to their guns and have never faltered.

Festival appearances and hard nosed touring has honed the band into a fearsome line up as Motorjesus were to experience only too well in 2007 and Gwar certainly backed up later the same year. But, now it's all about 'Hell In The Box' which was recorded in the September of this year with Guido Lucas (Blackmail, Smoke Blow) at BlueBox Studios in Troisdorf and was mastered by the same A.Classen at Stage One. Accompanied by the video to 'Hell In A Box', tracks like 'Jesus Factor Negative', 'King Asshole' or the 'Return Of The Speed Cowboys' anthem will have the guys right up there with 'The Trash 'N' Roll Asshole Show' for attitude and on course for another big leap up the ladder!