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This Empty Flow was formed in 1994 by Jori Sjöroos (vocals, guitar, programming) and lyricist Niko Skorpio Sirkiä (keyboards) in Turku, Finland. They shared history in the seminal funeral doom metal band Thergothon. Later in the year they were joined by Aku-Tuomas Mattila (bass), the leader of then rising local Gothic/electronic band Sad Parade. The first demos of This Empty Flow were recorded without a computer: Jori played drums live with the keyboard directly to the tape running in a Fostex 4-tracker.

During 1995 This Empty Flow made the first proper demo versions of several songs (still with the Fostex, but drums programmed with a computer). 4 of them were compiled on a tape and sent to the Italian label, Avantgarde Music (the only label who received the demo). In April This Empty Flow and Avantgarde Music signed a record deal.

Between September and November This Empty Flow spent 12 days in studio U96 in Pori, Finland and recorded their debut album, Magenta Skycode. It was recorded and mixed by Jukka Sillanpää (Lavra, As Divine Grace) who also co-produced the album with the group. The album was recorded from "Nowafter" to "Sweet Bloom Of Night Time Flowers" in the order which was already decided to be the final running order. A demo version of the album was recorded in the summer, which included a song called "Angels' Playground". The title was changed to "Snow Blind" about a week before the group went to the studio.

The album was released in March 1996 on Avantgarde Music. During the autumn This Empty Flow started to record their follow-up to Magenta Skycode. 4 songs were finished but Avantgarde Music showed a lack of interest, so the sessions were never finished.

In November This Empty Flow made their live debut in Lahti, Finland. The line-up was strengthened by guitarist Jukka Sillanpää, the producer of Magenta Skycode.

Towards the end of the year Niko grew increasingly dissatisfied with the direction the band's music and inner chemistry; in December he left the band to concentrate on his own music in other projects.

In January 1997 This Empty Flow played their second concert in Helsinki, Finland with Jukka on guitar and Hanna Kalske (As Divine Grace) on keyboards. During the summer the band made some demo recordings which showed that band was going ever further away from the original idea of This Empty Flow. Jori and Aku-Tuomas decided that there was no point to go on under the name of This Empty Flow. Thus, the band dissolved, but a number of posthumous releases surfaced.

In March 1999, an outtake album entitled Three Empty Boys was released by Plastic Passion - a label owned by Aku-Tuomas. It included the 4 songs finished for the second album and seven studio rehearsal demos recorded from 1995-1997.

In March 2000 Plastic Passion's sub-label, Muovi 111, released another outtake album, more of an EP, called Useless And Empty Songs, which was limited to 111 copies.

In February 2001 Italian Eibon Records released an album called Nowafter - a compilation of rare and unreleased material. It included tracks from Three Empty Boys and Useless And Empty Songs as well as 6 songs recorded during the summer of 1997 in Studio Studio Sputnik, Turku - the final studio recordings of This Empty Flow.

In March 2006 Eibon Records released The Album, a double-CD containing a remastered version of Magenta Skycode and 11 previously unreleased demo recordings recorded from 1994-1996.

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