Moi Dix Mois - Biography




After the band Malice Mizer split up in 2001, Mana went on another project ten months later, ten months of suffering, according to his words: Moi Dix Mois (french for "Me Ten Months"). He plays guitars and synthesizer, composes all the music and writes all the lyrics.

He hired a bassist, Kazuno, and a singer, Juka. He also used a support drummer (Tohru) but never let him become an official member*. They made many shows together until he decided to sack Juka and Kazuno for whatever reasons (Mana being a complex person). Then, for his third and latest album, a vocalist named Seth was used and a second guitarist, K.

The harsh vocals are performed by a man named Shadow X since the debut album.

*In Malice Mizer, his former band, when the drummer Kami died, Mana didn't want to replace him, so they used guest until the band split up. Now, even in his next band Moi Dix Mois, he never wanted an official drummer.