Wastefall - Biography




It all goes back in 1997 when 14year old Alex Katsiyannis decided to form a hard rock band along with some school-mates. The name of the band was Distant Dreamland. The songs were more in the vein of Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. After a year of rehearsals and stuff the band changed their music style. Distant Dreamland played a mix of European and american power metal. People left the band and others joined. The band was renamed into Dead Man's Tale.

Dead Man's Tale released the self-titled demo cd receiving really good reviews. At that time Alex wrote the lyrics along with the music and played the guitar and Domenik (Dark Vision, Lost Souls) performed the vocals. The frendship between Alex and Domenik kept them together even after the end of Dead Man's Tale.

On March of 2003 WASTEFALL were born by Alex Katsiyiannis and Domenik Papaemmanouil. Later on, drummer George Kanavaris joined the band and Ilias Kalivas followed on the bass guitar. Wastefall signed, a record contract with Sleaszy Rider Records and released their debut album "Fallen Stars And Rising Scars" on July 28th 2003. Due to the encouraging feedback, Wastefall began working on new ideas and creations for a future release.

Shortly, Christos Kyrkilis (keyboards) joined the band. After a while Ilias Kalyvas left the band and Stratos Haidos replaced him as new bass player. Additionally, Matthew Dakoutros (violin) joined the band to complete the line-up of that period.

After a long time of rehearsals and composing new material Wastefall entered Fragile studios in May 2004 to record the follow-up album, to be called "Soulrain 21". On November 7th 2004 "Soulrain 21" was released - again through Sleaszy Rider Records.

Again, the band lost their bass player immediately after a release. Stratos Haidos left the band and Nick Valentzis joined Wastefall. After Nick's arrival, Wastefall had to split ways with violin player, Matthew Dakoutros and drums player George Kanavaris due to musical differences. A few months later, Wastefall recruited Kostis Papaleksopoulos as their new drummer.

In October 2005, Wastefall hooked up with Danish based agency Intromental Management, who immediately got the band signed to the American label Sensory Records.

Wastefall's third album entitled "Self Exile" was mixed and mastered by the infamous Tommy Hansen (Helloween, TNT, Jorn Lande etc.) at Jailhouse Studios, Denmark, January 2006.

Official Biography: http://www.wastefall.com