The Disciples Of Zoldon - Biography





Almost all of the music relating to such genres as black metal, melodic death, and death metal is religious or touches on religious issues. It is extremely common for such bands to support God or Satan in some way. DOZ is a satirical project that supports a fictional deity - ZOLDON. Zoldon is the God of Heavy Metal and is opposed to everything that is good and morally just. His goal is to eradicate Peace and Happiness. The Disciples of Zoldon are responsible for reflecting ZOLDON's musical style and proclaiming his character and intentions.

The Disciples of Zoldon were initially the three chosen to serve the musical will of the God of Heavy Metal himself, ZOLDON. You can find more about these members directly on The Disciples page. The following is a detailed history of the project itself. The term 'Disciples of Zoldon' has now come to mean any person who praises the name of Zoldon, or even anyone who worships heavy metal in general.

In 2004, Luke, Logan and Jono were recording a song for a solo project called 'myth', at the School of Audio Engineering in Auckland. This was intended as a part of Luke's personal album effort in conjunction with Jono's Audio Engineering assessment. While recording the vocal part for the song, some difficulty was encountered while trying to get the most out of the lyrics - the line "Sold all the insides..." didn't sound right when sung. Our friend Andrew joked that it sounded as if Luke was singing "Zoldon the insides" and suggested that perhaps Zoldon were the God of Heavy metal. This hilarious and absurd concept endures and is today the foundation of the DOZ project.

In 2005, Jono had set up a home studio, with Logic and other software available for recording. Attempting to play around with some hybrid midi and live recording we decided to simulate a grindcore track that ended up sounding much more like Melodic death than anything. For the lyrics, we agreed on the notion of invoking our concept of ZOLDON and proclaiming his war on peace and happiness. This idea comes from the movie 'The Incredibles' in which one of the villains is heard to quote "I declare war on peace and happiness". The Disciples of Zoldon vow to maintain this declaration. This initial recording turned out so well that more of the same was planned.

Since then, DOZ have gone back to the studio and completed further recordings - even full length albums. The project is officially the solo effort of myself - Luke Brimblecombe, but only remains possible with the assistance of Jono, and would not be the same without the various contributions of Logan Compain. Please visit the discography more info.

Biography by Luke Brimblecombe, updated 2006, from the official website