Frontside - Biography



The history started 11 years ago in 1993, when after the break-up of their original bands Astek and Demon decided to create together something new. The specifics of the place where they grew up, the burden of their personal, often very harsh and painful experiences, their great knowledge of heavy music, founded by the monumental achievements of the greatest creators of the violent metal bloodshed - Slayer and Morbid Angel, and the apostles of the boiling hardcore adrenaline - Suicidal Tendencies, Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, Warzone - all of this caused the future path of the band to approach the more and more perfect and fulfilled marriage of metal and hardcore - FRONTSIDE, as one of the first bands in Poland, started to play crossover...

The need of evolution, inborn stubbornness and persistence in perfecting their skill together with non-compromise approach towards taming of the sonic chaos effected in more and more daring solutions. Demo after demo, album after album it caused the progressing brutalization of their creation... Playing in the strict borders of one musical genre - attitude like this has nothing to do with FRONTSIDE. The free usage of atmosphere, harmony and melody supported by the unleashed hell of the rhythmical section and the all-binding vocals, including both clear singing and devilish, insane roaring of a dire, ferocious beast - those elements made the music of the band easily recognizable. It's a natural eclecticism in creation of the soundtrack of The Apocalypse, you might say.

Unconditional support and respect of those who appreciate the sincerity and meaning of our creation is a clear confirmation of these words. The title of one of the best Polish live acts, the award for being the most devastating band of the year 2003 in Poland and the recently signed contract with one of the most important European record labels are other proofs. And only the blind, frustrated, ignorant ones can find a grain of exaggeration in these words. Although the band has experienced personal changes during the last year it hadn't lost even a smallest bit of its hellish power, contrary to the puny prophecies of the infidels. Daron, who plays in One Shot Eye, proved himself to be a worthy successor of Simon and after Astek's unexpected break with the band his duties were taken by Auman, vocalist of the band Totem.

In the meantime, English version of the last album called "Forgive Us Our Sins" hit the foreign markets, published by Regain Records. It received a lot of interest and positive feedback, represented by good and very good grades in the foreign e-zines and musical web portals. Later on, FRONTSIDE started the recording session of their next masterpiece, which was supposed to silence the voices of all the unbelievers and malcontents mercilessly. And so it did when it was finally unleashed and spread among the listeners under the title "Zmierzch Bogów - pierwszy krok do mentalnej rewolucji" ( "Twilight Of The Gods - A First Step To Mental Revolution" ). Recorded with Polish vocals, the album was published and distributed only in Poland by Mystic Production.

Right now, FRONTSIDE is an ultimate, ruthless killing machine in which the legacy of thrash metal aggression in vein of Slayer, death metal heaviness of Morbid Angel, the Swedish melodies of Dismember and the hardcore temperament of the New York scene has been building up. It's a volcano that will never cool down. No compromise. FRONTSIDE.