Akroma - Biography


AKROMA is the first band playing Symphonic and Progressive Black Metal to join Thundering Records roster. Formed by members and ex-members of French bands like Elvaron, Mortuary, Scarve, Dying Tears, In Terria.

A new sensation arises in Black metal ! Imagine Cradle of Filfth Symphonic Black metal enriched with progressive parts à la Dream Theater. This is what has been done ! This is AKROMA.

AKROMA first release is a pure concept album based on the 7 deadly sins ! 7 songs, 7 minutes long, 7 different tunes.

"7" includes some guests as orchestral musicians (flute, bassoon, ....) and 7 guitar heroes from underground scene : SYRENS CALL, NIGHTMARE, OUTCAST, INNERCHAOS, CARCARIASS, MORTUARY and RESILIENCE.

AKROMA is what we call an underground all star band, including members and ex members of ELVARON, MORTUARY, SCARVE, DYING TEARS, IN TERRIA, AKIN.

7 songs, 7 tunes, 7 minutes. 7.7.7, the new number of the beast ?

(Source: http://s247066951.onlinehome.fr/thundering/bands/view/117)