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Mithras - Biography





"…Complex, inspired and exploratory this is the kind of boldly cinematic death metal that demands to be relished. This is truly astonishing, world-class music."
Dom Lawson, Kerrang! Dec 2003

Formed in 1998 under their original name of Imperator, Leon Macey (guitars/drums) and Rayner Coss (oratory/bass) grabbed the UK underground by the throat in making their very personal take on extreme metal a reality rather than just a passing ideology with 1999's 'Gods Among Men' mcd. The following success of their 2001 'Dreaming In Splendour' mcd saw the same year making of and 2002 release of their crushingly brutal debut album, 'Forever Advancing…… Legions'. Putting a new marker in place for their contemporaries to level with, 'Forever…' pushed the boundaries of death metal, breaking into unmapped territory with its heavier than thou delivery and its refreshingly non-rebellious-miles-away-from-the-norm concept; a barbaric and often uncomfortable chronological journey through history setting off with the ancient Roman Empire, encased brilliantly between what has evolved to become their trademark instrumental sections.
An unexpectedly glowing yet welcome reception to their debut led to 2002's three track promo mcd, 'Bequeath Thy Visions', sharply called for a second full length album… 2003's 'Worlds beyond the veil' fulfilled this quota and provided a literal transcendence from what we have grown accustomed to expect in extreme metal terms: sparking confusion with its erratic fusion of pure brutality and soaring beauty; wonder at its ability to reach such an astounding level of technical brilliance; and awe at its effortless ability to remain raw and real.
'Worlds…' carried forward in time the concept of 'Forever…' with a complex and intricate theme based on the thinking that in an infinite universe there exist worlds and realities beyond it, and within that, pantheon ones, which could exist as the ultimate anathema to man, or those which could conversely be construed as a 'heaven'. Each track reveals another chapter in this near-apocalyptic story, and the ultimate hope that one day mankind may be able to reach the next stage of his evolution, based around ideas of the spirit and telepathy and the casting off of mundane ideals.
The very fact that this story has translated into music with hints at why 'Worlds beyond the veil' has been embraced by the music press and the listener alike as a classic of its day and the future, scoring outstanding reviews and solidifying the band's reputation as an innovative mould-breaking force to be reckoned with.