Darkmoon - Biography


DARKMOON was formed in 1997. Since then we have been playing in the same formation. Our musical purpose is to create a deep atmosphere. While wandering on the edge between melody and speed we try to awake deep and dark emotions whithout loosing the hard and raging caracteristics of metal. It is a mixture of black and death metal with a bit of gothic and thrash influences, that 's why we see ourselves rather as a darkmetal band than a band belonging to a specific musical direction. Our lyrics describe dark emotions as longing for death, despair and hate. They also tell about themes like religious indoctrination and criticize some forms of institutionalised power. Some lyrics are just fiction. In summer 1998 we released our first four track demo named "Grief". After that we played some gigs in Switzerland. In spring 2000 we went again in the recording studio and recorded "Remains". "Remains" became thougher than "Grief" and had a lot more of punch. The press wrote a lot of very good reviews, so we even had the opportunity to take part to the "Unerhört" sampler of the german RockHard mag, and to other samplers from magazines like "Arising Realm" (Austria) and "Eternity" (Germany) and a few more in Russia. After playing a lot of concerts in Switzerland and Germany, time has come to release our third demo cd "Black Domain". This masterpiece produced by V.O.Pulver and Frank Winkelmann (both from GURD, "Little Creek" studio) contains four songs and a short intro. "Black Domain" permitted us to perform ourselves on open air festivals as the "Z7 metal days" in Pratteln, Switzerland, and to get already very good reviews in the scene magazines. Over christmas '04 we entered the "Little Creek" again for our first full length album named "…of bitterness and hate". It contains an intro and 10 songs which show our musical emprovements of the last few months. Before releasing "...of bitterness and hate" we try to get a deal with it. Be prepared for it!!.

(Source: official band website)