Sleep Terror - Biography

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Sleep Terror was created in 2002 by Luke Jaeger. The first EP entitled Paraphile was released later that year. In 2003 Luke met drummer Dave McGraw. They played their first set of shows in and around the Puget Sound during the summer of 2004 after a year of intense practice. The cult following and general response was overwhelming. That fall, the eponymous Sleep Terror EP was released which paved the road for the bands unique sound and style.

In 2005, Luke and Dave relocated to Sacramento, CA and did a couple west coast runs prior to releasing the even more progressive sonically ear-splitting Ascetic Meditation EP that summer.

In 2006, a successful entire U.S. tour was embarked and afterward Dave McGraw parted ways. Luke has since continued to write, record and release several songs to keep this project alive over the years. In 2010 the compilation album The Cuts 2004-2010 was released. Currently Luke is in the process of searching for a bassist and 2nd guitarist for touring in the near future.