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Early years

Hed PE was formed in 1994 by Afro-Brazilian MC Jahred Shane (aka M.C.U.D. or Mc Underdog) and lead guitarist Wesstyle, both of whom saw each other in attendance at many of the same shows in the Los Angeles and Southern Californian underground scene. They began writing songs together and teamed up with Mawk (bass guitar, who had previously been in a California-based funk band with Jahred), Chizad (guitar), B.C. (drums), and DJ Product 1969 (turntables) to form Hed PE on New Year's Day. The same year (1994) they released their first 8-track demo, containing "Stitches" (available only on this tape), "Hill" (the same version later released on Church of Realities) and "Epilogue" (also released on the "Serpent Boy" single). The band also recorded three tracks before Church of Realities and were released to the public by former bandmate The Finger.

The band's first album was the Church of Realities EP, produced by Wesstyle & released independently in 1995. Upon signing to Jive Records they a their self-titled album which included re-recorded versions of many of the Church of Realities songs. These earliest recordings have a gritty, striking energy to them which members of the band have attributed to their use of amphetamines. Their album Broke, featured guest appearances by Serj Tankian from System of a Down and Morgan Lander from Kittie on the track "Feel Good". The band released the first single of their second album, "Bartender" which got some air play on MTV.

Later years

The band pursued a more accessible, mainstream sound on 2003's Blackout.[citation needed] It was not as successful as Broke had been, and in its wake some of the original members left the group. Sonny Mayo, formerly of Snot and Amen (and later of Sevendust), picked up guitar duties for touring after Chizad left the band. Hed PE also parted ways with Jive at this time.

After signing with indie label Koch Records and adding guitarist Jaxon and drummer Moke (formerly of Otep), Hed PE frontman Jahred reworked some material he had originally written for a side project with Fenix Jones and released the album Only in Amerika in 2005. Hed PE continued to pursue their energetic rapcore on this album as well.

Near the end of 2005, Hed PE signed with Suburban Noize Records, and released a single, "Get Ready", and album, Back 2 Base X in 2006.

During 2006, they toured Western Europe and the United Kingdom alongside Anglo-Welsh band Weapons and labelmates OPM. They also played with Papa Roach and Eyes Set to Kill on the 2006 Zippo Hot Tour.

Jahred Shane was a guest performer on the Twiztid album Independents Day which was released on July 3, 2007.

Hed PE released Insomnia on Suburban Noize on July 17, 2007. They released another single, "Suffa", and joined Kottonmouth Kings, Tech N9ne and Blaze Ya Dead Homie for the Strange Noize Tour from July 6 − August 27, 2007.

Hed PE has begun recording their next full-length album, which will feature a heavier sound , similar to a mix between their first record and Only in Amerika. The new album will also feature guest appearances from Dirtball and Mower.

In a recent interview in Circus magazine, Shane discussed touring and the band's seventh record. When asked about influences for the record, Jahred stated that: "on our last album I was listening to a lot of stuff that came out in the seventies like punk, classic rock and some funk. On this record I am listening to more metal stuff like Slayer and Pantera. With Tiny aboard, I think as a band we have grown, in a sense, heavier, as far goes music." The interview also stated that the band has recorded demos while on tour. Shane said, "we have a small little work station in the back of our bus. Mostly it's my bassist Mawk and guitarist Jackson coming up with ideas and bits and pieces for the next album. We do have some demos for the next album recorded. But like I said, myself and the rest of the members still have to add our input."

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