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Extrovert - Biography

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"Extrover" is a Russian progressive rock band, formed in 1993 as a hard'n'heavy act "Big Trouble" in the city of Irkutsk, Siberia. In 1996 they started working with Irkutsk State Music Theater and since then helped with launching rock-operas "Juno and Avos", "Jesus Christ Superstar", rock-ballet "Silver Thread", musical "Bonnie & Clyde" and many other pieces.

Year 1999 marked the release of Big Trouble's debut album "Four Elements", and a year later they decided to switch to progressive rock. The result came out in 2005 - that's when they changed their name to Extrovert and released "Making The Ocean Awake".

In December 2006 the band took part in the pre-party to Nazareth show in Irkutsk, when the latter's singer Dan McCaferty sang a couple of songs with Extrovert and told them that he'd love to try to help them becoming a worldwide known rock-band.

Since Extrovert wrote all the music to the aforementioned rock-ballet "Silver Thread" (Серебряная Нить), they decided to record it and release as their "soundtrack album" in 2007. All the tracks are completely instrumental, and musical direction is slightly different from their basic genre, varying from atmospheric & progressive rock to jazz & fusion.

English vocals for Making The Ocean Awake were re-recorded and that version was released on American label Dreamscape Records in 2008.
Extrovert started recording their new album the same year, and due to multiple changes in the band, the production took a lot of time, and the album will be finally released in 2012.