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Winterborn - Biography



Winterborn may seem like a newcomer to the big audience, but it's pretty well known inside the music industry after working really hard "behind the scenes" getting prepared for the release of their debut album.

Winterborn saw the light of day in December 2004. The previous few years the group played as a cover band. All members of the band have years and years of experience out there in the fields of rock 'n' roll. They've set their goals very high and are working their asses off to achieve them. There's no doubt that they will be heard and noticed amongst the true metal fans who love striking riffs and strong and capturing melodies.

The band's music combines the classic heavy rock elements to the more modern sides of it and the wide range of musical influences and exceptional personalities can be heard in the music. It is a sum of many small things and details, that variable musical tastes and backgrounds has shaped into something that really stands out from the ever expanding number of metal bands. Not to mention Koskela's undisputed vocal sound, of course. Main thing in the band's music is striking riffs and excellent melodies. And there's also something in Winterborn that can't be described. It's a matter of some kind of a "spirit".

Vapola, Hänninen and Koskela started to work on the material for the debut album already in the summer of 2004. After that, the rehearsals for the studio started and the actual beginning of the recording took place in January. The schedule wasn't tight and the album was finished in May 2005. The mastering was done in Stockholm at Cutting Room by Björn Engelmann (Rammstein, In Flames, Within Temptation and so on). And the covers were also done in Sweden by Progart.

After finishing the album, the band had deal offers rolling in from record labels around the world. And finally, after long lasting negotiations with large number of record companies, the band signed a worldwide record deal with the German label Massacre Records in September 2006. In Japan the album is released by King Records. And in Finland it is distributed via Supersounds. During the long and exhausting negotiation process, the band played some venues and also wrote new material for the second album.

The true strength of the band is their live performances. The material works live like a charm, and the big number of harmony vocals makes a good impression onto the audiences. They have built up already a strong foundation of following in Finland and have drawn a great deal of international attention also, so the album is very eagerly awaited. The long wait will be over in November around the world and true fans of melodic metal can enjoy an icy cold dose of Winterborn.

In November 2007, Pasi Kauppinen joined the group as their new bassist after the band fired Janne Suvanto a few months previously. Kauppinen is also well known playing in a progressive metal band Silent Voices and a few other groups. But he didn't play anything on the new record because the decision was made just after we got all the recordings done.