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100% Pure Aussie Heavy Metal.

This was the catch-cry of Dungeon, one of Australia's leading heavy metal bands, until their final landmark show in December 2005.

The story of LORD begins as Dungeon, 16 years ago in the Australian outback. Formed by singer/guitarist Lord Tim, Dungeon rose to the very top of the Australian heavy metal scene with both headlining and supporting tours of Australia alongside the likes of Megadeth, Opeth, Nightwish, Angra, Doro, Destruction, Nevermore, Edguy, Yngwie Malmsteen, Mayhem and more, and international tours with Megadeth, Skylark, Dragonland, Metal Church and Galneryus.

In 2003, Lord Tim released an album of personal songs which had been written and recorded over the years, material which was either too personal or inappropriate to contribute to Dungeon. As Dungeon was his main project at the time, this album A Personal Journey was strictly a side solo project.

Fast forward to 2005 and Dungeon had returned from their ground-breaking world tour with Megadeth, a long tour which took its toll on the inner workings of the band so much that it split the band in two, prompting Lord Tim to finally put an end to Dungeon's 16 year legacy and reinvent LORD as a legitimate band with fresh and hungry players.

Hitting the ground running in early 2006, LORD, whose lineup featured Lord Tim (lead vocals/guitars), Tim Yatras (drums/vocals - previously the final drummer for Dungeon), Andy Dowling (bass/vocals) and Mav Stevens (guitars/vocals), immediately embarked on a national headlining tour, Australian tour supports with Queensrÿche, Gamma Ray, Nevermore, Skinless, Leaves Eyes and Atrocity, as well as appearances at some of Australia's biggest heavy metal festivals, such as Metal For The Brain and Festival Of The Dead.

LORD combines the melody of 80s hard rock icons such as Dokken, Harem Scarem and Leatherwolf with the strong traditional metal impact of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and classic Queensrÿche. This musical melting pot draws its fire from thrash elements such as Slayer, Kreator, Megadeth and old Metallica, and the speed and technicality of power metal's Helloween, Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray.

Fans of Dungeon will immediately identify with LORD, who are continuing with the same style of music and playing all of the old Dungeon classic anthems at their energetic and entertaining live shows.

Mav Stevens left the band in December 2006 to relocate to the United Kingdom, his position was filled by guitar virtuoso Mark Furtner, mastermind behind the amazing Frombeyond project. LORD began recording the follow-up album to the A Personal Journey album, entitled Ascendence which was released in Australia and Japan in mid-August, 2007.

These diverse influences culminated in the first "true" LORD album, Ascendence, released in 2007, featuring the lineup of LT (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards), Tim "TY" Yatras (drums, vocals), Andy Dowling (bass, vocals) and Mark Furtner (guitars, vocals). This album was received enthusiastically by both fans and music critics alike. LORD followed up this album with 2008's Hear No Evil EP, 2009's critically acclaimed Set In Stone album (which spawned an incredible five video clips, including one for their tongue-in-cheek covers of the Kylie Minogue hit "On A Night Like This") and 2010's Return Of The Tyrant EP which marked the departure of drummer TY, replaced by then-21 year old drumming prodigy Damian Costas.

LORD has continued to tour solidly since 2006, twice to Japan, once to New Zealand and countless times around Australia. 2011 was a quiet year for the band on the live front, however, taking an entire year off to regroup, focus their goals and begin crafting the songs that will appear on the next album.

2012 is already shaping up to be one of the biggest yet for LORD. Already locked in are festival appearances in Europe, the first of many dates on an Australian headlining tour and shows with metal legends Iced Earth, as well as more video releases and of course a new album due for release this year.

From a bedroom in the desert to the world stage; the dream is very much alive and well!

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