Menhir - Biography




Menhir was founded early in 1995 by Heiko, Fix and Manuela. The Name "Menhir" is part of the celtic speech and means something like "long stone". The Places where these stones stood (or are standig this very day) where often used for different cultic rites and as a place for sacrifices. In the following March, the "Barditus" Demo Tape was recorded and published. The fluctuation of the scondary band members was our greatest barrier right from the start. But then an old friend of us was willing to play the bass guitar. At the turn of the year 96/97 we recorded our first Album, named "Die ewigen Steine". Early in 1998 Heiko, Fix and some guest musicians recorded "Buchonia". Buchonia is the latin name of a low mountain range, called "Rhön" in german. The first try to record "Thuringia" was horrible because Fix left the band and Heinz had to go because of job-related reasons. Then Karsten played the bass for a long time and the second guitar was played by Roman. Because we couldn't find a new drummer, Tormentor from DESASTER played as backup-drummer. A bit later then, we found with Sebastian a real good drummer. But as we played the first concerts with him Roman left the band. But the songs didn't sound well with just one guitar. Fix returned to us and had just changed the instrument from the drums to the guitar. As compensation for Karsten the former bassplayer of ODROERIR helped us out in the Studio. "Ziuwari" then was released over the label "Skaldic Art". Some time later Fritze joined the Band as Bassplayer. He also provided us a new Keyboarder, because Manuela had left the band. With this constellation we played many gigs, Festivals and tours. Then, 6 years after "Ziuwari" was released, we published our new Album "Hildebrandslied". The long time depends to the reason, that we mostly weren't content with the guitar-parts. So we often had to record everything from anew. But finally the CD was released over the young label "Trollzorn". In the meantime Sebastian had left the Band and it was quite difficult but after all we found Daniel as a capable man behind the drums. On to new battles! ZIU SIEG!