Mael Mórdha - Biography




Formed in January 1998 by Roibйard У Bogail (vocals, pianos, whistles, and bodhran) in some little known rehearsal studio Mael Mуrdha (pronounced Mail Moor-Ah) have undergone the arduous journey from the unknown, to the front lines of Irish Metal. Playing a unique blend of doom metal and traditional Irish laments, the band has successfully fused their influences to create Gaelic Doom Metal.

The musical evolution began in 1999 with the recording of the 1st EP - The Path to Insanity. This was followed in early 2000 by The Inferno Spreads from which the epic Atlas of Sorrow was included in the Sentinel Records IN UNISON compilation later that year. Around this time the band lost both its guitar players who were replaced by Gerry Clince. The band then concentrated on the live scene in Ireland playing everywhere possible. During this time and after numerous bass player problems the services of Pagan Reign bassist Dave Murphy was called upon to breath new life into the band. The following year and with a distinctive sound beginning to form the band recorded its 2002 release, Caoineadh na nGael to critical acclaim with positive reviews in German Metal Hammer (Demo of the month - August 2003) and German Rock Hard (May 2004). With still more line-up changes on the horizon the quest to find a permanent drummer ended with the arrival of Shane Cahill in early 2003. The band then began writing new material, which was committed to disk in late 2003 in the guise of the Cluain Tarbh E.P. The final addition to the band came in mid 2005 with Anthony Lindsay (also of Pagan Reign) to bring the band back up to a twin guitar line-up.

On the strength of the band's last two recordings the band was signed to Dutch label Karmageddon Media who released the band's debut album, Cluain Tarbh on the 12th of September 2005. An alternative recording of the album title track was released on a 7 inch vinyl limited edition through Sentinel Records in the winter of 2005.

In the quest to find a more active label the band recorded a demo CD of songs proposed for a new album in November of 2005. This recording finally found it's way to the desk of German Record Company Grau. Months of negotiating between both band and label bore fruit as in February 2006 contracts were finally signed.

Mael Mуrdha's debut album release through Grau Records was recorded at the end of April/start of May 2006 and is titled Gealltacht Mael Mуrdha.

Internationally known bands with whom Mael Mуrdha have had the pleasure of playing include Green Carnation, Dismember, Ancient Rites, My Dying Bride, Primordial, Cruachan, Abaddon Incarnate, Mourning Beloved, Waylander, Geasa.