Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Biography



American avantgarde rock/metal act Sleepytime Gorilla Museum was created in Oakland, California during early 1999 as former Idiot Flesh members Ian Rathbun and Nils Frykdahl joined forces with Charming Hostess member Carla Kihlstedt to form a new band. Their first live performance took place in June the same year. The band members use many unusual and home made instruments.

While recording their debut album "Grand Opening And Closing" in 2001 drummer David Shamrock parted ways with the band and was duly replaced by Frank Grau who also became the band's manager. While recording the sophomore effort, "Of Natural History", Grau also decamped and in came new drummer Matthias Bossi. Amidst touring in support of its release percussionist Moe Staiano exited and was replaced by Michael Mellander.

In January 2006 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum signed a deal with the experimental extreme music label The End Records who re-issued their debut album "Grand Opening And Closing" with three bonus tracks. The brand new album "In Glorious Times" saw the light of day on May 29th, 2007. The band would spent most of April throughout June on the road alongside bands like Secret Chiefs 3, Stinking Lizaveta and Cheer Accident.