Obliteration - Biography



Obliteration was founded at Kolbotn (home of bands like Darkthrone, Lamented Souls and Beyond Dawn) in 2001 by four very young men bent on destruction. Inspired by their idols Slayer, Obituary, Darkthrone, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Death and Possessed, it soon became evident that brutal death metal was their game. Displaying impressive technical skills for such a young band (all the members are younger than Slayer's 'reign in blood' landmark!), Obliteration soon caught the attention of the Oslo metal underground scene with a demo and a spot at the 2005 Inferno Metal Festival followed by several Hellblazing performances. Duplicate records, in cooperation with sounds of unity, are very happy to provide the next step in the development of this highly talented band. 'Total fucking obliteration' is just that; an annihilation blast right in the face of every diluted trend band poisoning true metal with polished sound and bland, melodic songs. Four tracks of smoking oldschool death metal with a production that practically reeks of sulphur. Guest additional vocals on two tracks by Alollyon (Aura Noir). Hail obliteration! December 2006: obliteration has signed with the coolest label ever to exist: Tyrant Syndicate/Peaceville Records.