Cancer - Biography


The redesigned logo, as seen in the Corporation$ EP and Spirit in Flames.

The original logo seen in the first three Cancer studio albums.


A workmanlike death metal band from England, Cancer is notable for recruiting the talents of James Murphy, who has played for many well-known bands in his day, for their second, and probably best-known album, Death Shall Rise. Murphy left after that album, as it was too difficult for him to continue in a British band while living in America, but the rest of the band soldiered on, even winning a major label contract (rare for a death metal band) for their fourth, and ultimately last, album, Black Faith. Most of the material on the first three albums are similar in nature, that being steady, mid-paced, typical death metal, while on Black Faith the death metal influences were toned down a bit, replaced by a more thrash sound. The band broke up soon after that album, but reunited in 2003 with a new lineup, and a new EP, Corporation$, was released in May 2004, with a new album, Spirit In Flames, released in June 2005. However, they again split up in early 2006, though several members, both recent and past, have teamed up in a new band called Hail Of Fire.