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Gitaron - Biography

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The band GITARON was formed in the spring of 2006 by Gio (Giovanni Smet). As Gio already knew Tom from previous bands he played in, he contacted Tom again to play the drums for GITARON. Gio knew that Tom his drum talents would be an excellent addition to the band.
After a long search, Tom recommended Aaron to become the second lead guitar player in the band. During the first rehearsals with Aaron, he was a bit quiet. But we were all impressed by his skills.
Still GITARON was not complete. The vocals needed a bit more support and Gio was thinking of including his wife Femke in the band. Femke agreed to try out her singing talents as she had already performed with another band.
The band continued to rehearse, as they were still looking for a bass guitar player. After a loooong time...we stumbled upon Wilfried. Man was he awesome during his first try-out! Wilfried has his great talents combined with his life experience. We were all proud to have him in the band.

In june 2007, the band had the first studio experience recording the demo cd "The First Battle" (Enter My Church/Excalibur/We're Knights/Blood On The Wall/Flame Of Hate). This 5-track demo cd had a great response and Gitaron played some great shows promoting the first studio material.

In february 2008, Gio decided to concentrate on his guitar parts only. The band found a new singer in Nico de Clerq. Nico has a lot of experience and a great voice for Gitaron. Shortly after the comming of Nico, Femke decided to leave the band. She made this decicion together with the band. Femke couldn't combine her work for the band and being a mom at the same time.

In may 2008, Gitaron decided to continue without guitar player Aaron Onghena. Shorlty after the departure of Aaron, drummer Tom Willems decided to leave the band due personal reasons. His place was taken over by Freddie Vandenberghe, brother of bass player Wilfried. Like Wilfried, Freddie has his life time experience combined with his excellent skills. Gitaron found a new guitar player in David Van Gompel. David is a talented young lad with great potential.

In 2010, Nico De Clercq decided to leave the band. Gitaron found a new singer in Kevin Andries. A very talented and young lad.

In may 2012, Gitaron played his last show at SMM VI with this formation (Kevin, Gio, Wilfried, David and Steven). With Kevin, David and Steven leaving the band. Remaining only founding member Gio and bass player Wilfried.

In march 2013, Gio and Wilfried started working on the rebirth of Gitaron. Former member Aaron Onghena rejoined the band on guitars. Also, Gio decided to combine his guitar parts with the vocals and became the singer/guitar player for Gitaron again.
The band also found a new drummer called Andreas 'Andy' Robrechts. A great guy with lots of motivation for Gitaron.

With this formation we are working hard to bring you headbanging Heavy Metal !