Persephone's Dream - Biography



Persephone's Dream began as an idea late in the 1980's; an idea for a prog-rock band fronted by a dynamic female singer. While not an entirely original concept, it was clearly something that was rare and was definitely something that was not to be found anywhere on the music radar of time. By late 1993 this idea had begun to actually take form as Rowen Poole and Chris Siegle began writing and recording music for what would become the first release from Persephone's Dream, "Evening Mirage," in 1997. It was not until the 1999 release, "MoonSpell," that people from around the world began hearing of the band and its music. By 2001's release, "Opposition," the band had become well known in the prog, metal and goth communities and was appearing at a number of the well known musical festivals around at that time. The band and its intense stage and light show won fans over at every live performance.

Persephone's Dream returned to the trees and mountains of western Pennsylvania in 2004 to work on a new album that evolved into a storybook of sorts, with inspirations found in a number of science fiction and fantasy stories as well as the ancient, dark tales of mythology. "Pyre of Dreams," released in May of 2007, is the culmination of this long process and one that highlights several other changes within the band itself. Two superb female vocalists (Colleen Gray and Heidi Engel) grace these new songs with their talents along with a special guest appearance from Mr. DC Cooper as lead vocalist on two songs. Persephone's Dream is currently doing seIect appearances around the east coast of the United States and working on material for a new CD that will, hopefully, be released some time in 2008.

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