Dalriada was formed in Sopron, Hungary in February 2003 with the intention of combining metal and Hungarian folk music, thus fostering the incredibly rich heritage of Hungarian folk art. Due to other influences some elements of death and gothic metal are also present.

The word „Dalriada" can be familiar to many people. It's a historical name, the name of the first kingdom of the Scots, but based on some linguistic studies it may have an ancient Hungarian origin with the meaning of "battle-song". From 2003 until the end 2006 the name of the band was "Echo Of Dalriada" in order emphasize the Hungarian meaning, but at the beginning of 2007 the name was simplified to "Dalriada" to have a shorter name without English words in it.

The genre of Dalriada's music is folk metal, since Hungarian folk elements, folk song extracts and even some Hungarian folk-song covers are included in the repertoire of the band. Nonetheless, the music is fundamentally described as metal, with influences ranging from heavy to gothic or death.

The lyrics are mostly sung in Hungarian and almost entirely self-made, with the exception of those taken from folk songs and from the works of a famous Hungarian poet - Janos Arany.