Depressed Mode - Biography




Depressed Mode was formed in late 2005 with a song "Words of Silence". It started as a solo-project of Ossy Salonen. Later on the songs made quite an impression to people, but something was missing: the guitars.

Ossy asked for his old bandmate Tomppa Turpeinen to play those missing guitars and in return Tomppa asked to be a member of Depressed Mode. And the deal was settled.

After a little while Natalie Koskinen from Shape of Despair got interested of the band and contacted Ossy. Few weeks passed by and Natalie was willing to sing on the songs of Depressed Mode.

Firebox Records got interested of the band and during autumn 2006 offered a two album deal for Depressed Mode. And the band accepted. Now that they finally had a deal they could start the recording for their debut album. During November 2006 Natalie went to Pori (Finland) and did her vocals for the album at Ossy's homestudio. Her vocals were recorded in a closet.

When the vocals and guitars were recorded, they noticed that the guitars didn't sound as they wanted 'em to sound. So they handled rest of the mixing and recording duties to Jori Haukio. He started the process in early 2007.

Depressed Mode wanted to use a real drummer for the album, and Jori asked for his long time friend Marko Tommila - who also was an old bandmate of Ossy Salonen - to play the drums for the album. And he accepted. Drums, guitars, bass and cello were recorded at Jori's homestudio. During the summer of 2007 Jani Lamminpää, who played bass in DM, was replaced with Henri Hakala.

"Ghosts of Devotion" was released on August 15th thru Firebox Records. In January 2008, Jori decided not to continue as a guitarist, and handed over the place to Teemu "Telaketju" Heinola!

DM performed it's first live show in 12th of January 2008. Later the same year line-up changed again. Iiro Aittokoski replaced Marko Tommila behind the drum kit.

Recordings for their second album, "..For Death..", were done by the end of November 2008. It was recorded and mixed by Jori Haukio at Ansa Studio in Ulvila, Finland and mastered at Finnvox by Mika Jussila. The album hit the stores on 4th of February 2009 and was - once again - released by Firebox Records.