Amulance - Biography



Amulance is a heavy metal band based out of Aurora, Illinois, founded by guitarist, Bob Luman. After several personnel changes, the classic lineup of Amulance was formed in 1986 which consisted of Bob Luman (guitars), Thom Braddish (bass), Eric Wedow (drums), Vince Varriale (guitars), and Rick Baez (vox).

"The Rage Within", a six song demo in 1986 led to the release of the album "Feel The Pain" through New Renaissance Records in 1989. Unable to tour, Eric Wedow departed in 1988. After nine months, Amulance recruited drummer, Tony Divozzo and was able to record pre-production tracks for what later came to be known as "The Aftermath" sessions before the band unceremoniously folded in early 1990.

"The Rage Within" was re-released in 2007 through metal label Stormspell Records on the CD titled "The Rage Within: and the Aftermath" along with six bonus tracks from "The Aftermath" pre-production sessions as well as two live video performances circa 1988 & 1989. The release of this CD found Amulance momentarily reunited and gearing up to go overseas in 2008. Divozzo pulled out of the show a month prior to the band's first overseas appearance for personal reasons. Varriale left shortly after and declined to rejoin when asked in 2009 in an attempt to again reunite the band.

In 2009, drummer Ed Foltz (David Shankle Group) and guitarist Pat Cassidy were recruited in order for the band to fulfill their commitment to playing at the Headbanger's Open Air Festival (HOA) in Germany. Amulance also began working on what was intended to be a full-length CD but then changed to the "Deutschland" EP due to a lack of time; however Amulance finally made it to Germany in 2010. Upon their return to the U.S., Amulance once again went into hiatus; this time re-emerging in 2013 with news of Thom Braddish's departure from the band and the addition of bassist, Chuck Hamilton.

August of 2013 marked the departure of Foltz. In an effort to keep the band moving forward, Amulance began pre-production work on their next studio release with the help of friends/drummers Ken Comer and Marty Gonzales. Marty eventually became Amulance's drummer on June 24, 2014. July of the following year marked the dismissal of guitarist Cassidy, who was replaced on September 27, 2015 by guitarist Steve Michals.