Mindflow - Biography




"Follow your Instinct", warns MindFlow through the title of one of the songs from its new album Mind over Body. And that's exactly what the band does: a powerful progressive rock with no boundaries and no rules, fueled by the quality and energy of the band members, supported live by an incredible Laser show that underlines MindFlow's modern visual.

Created in 2003, the band released its first album "Just the two of us... me and Them" (2004) in over 60 countries and, in Spain, it has been for 2 years in a row the record company's top seller. MindFlow, with the Let Your MindFlow World Tour that kicked off on May 2004 through June 2006, passed through Asia, Europe and all Brazilian ground, collecting awards on specialized sites and radio stations, and MindFlow's first album came to be considered "one of the best progressive albums of all time".

In 2005, South Korea was the destiny. MindFlow participated in two rock festivals supported by the Korean government in Daegu city: E-Sports Festival, which took place on a downtown avenue, broadcasted live by a local TV Network to the entire country; and performed as a headliner on the 2 º Duryu Rock Festival. Besides that, the band appeared solo on two more gigs in Seoul. In 2004 MindFlow had already taken off to Spain and joined the official cast of ProgMetal Fest, an itinerant festival that passed through Madrid, Palencia, Barcelona and Girona. On Girona, the gig was recorded live for a DVD in one of the biggest venues in the country: the "La Mirona" hall.

In Brazil, MindFlow played on a great number of urban centers, including the northeast capitals Natal and Fortaleza. Some other cities became part of the tour like Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Bauru, Santos, Limeira, Itatiba and Londrina. MindFlow performed live on important venues such as Directv Music Hall in Sao Paulo; Sao Caetano's Victoria Hall; Moinho Sao Roque in Curitiba and Belo Horizonte's Lapa Multishow; and in festivals like Brasil Metal Union (Sao Paulo) and LIVE'N'LOUDER ROCK FEST 2006, the biggest festival in Latin America

Now in 2006, MindFlow exposes its second mind flow: "Mind over Body" 80 minutes of a differentiated vision of music. The compositions are responsible to cause the most variable kind of sensations, taking you through an amazing musical trip.

Recorded and mixed by the talented Guilherme Canaes at the Mega Studios, considered one of the best and well-equipped studios in Latin America, produced by Unlock your Mind Productions and mastered by the American living legend George Marino at Sterling Sound, New York. Mind over Body brings a booklet with eight artistic photos that captured the essence of each song, and the special - Follow your Instinct Comic Book that puts you right into the action, changing you from listener to a skeleton key to a psychological puzzle where the interactivity goes beyond imagination.