Amatory - Biography

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Almost two years the band strove for the writing of their own book - "The Book of the Dead". That's the name of the fresh release of one of the leading bands on the modern Russian Heavy stage. Each song is like the page, where the musicians tried to find answers on the central questions. They tried to discover the secrets of the contradiction & paradox, that everyone meets every day.

Life is an endless alternation of black & white & without this contrast the world wouldn't be so bright & alive. "The Book of the Dead" is a combination of typical for [AMATORY] aggressiveness, drive, energy, harshness & at the same time - melody. There are various songs gathered on the album is such a harmonic way. That makes it amazingly many-sided but infinitely integral.

The process of recording was intense. For three month the group was locked in the studio (DDT Studio и Apollo Studio) & left it only for the short tour-break to the biggest open-air festivals of Russia & Ukraine - Emmaus, Red Alert & Nashestvie (Invasion). Twenty tracks were recorded but only twelve of them were included in the album. The release of the CD was forestalled by the single "Prestuplenie Protiv Vremeny" ("Crime Against Time"), that included the video for the song of the same name.

To get the ideal sound [AMATORY] continued to cooperate with the Danish producer Jacob Hansen. He has already directed the recording of the second album "Neizbezhnost" ("Inevitability"). Besides, Yury Smirnov again was the recording engineer as he has worked on the previous CD.

Recently [AMATORY] (according to RAMP-2005 named the Best Band) has 5-years anniversary. For all these years the band hasn't stopped evolution for even a moment. Step by step [AMATORY] conquers the new heights. This band from St.Petersburg is the welcomed guest on all the stages of the country & abroad!

"…[AMATORY]-guys are devoted to the matter & focused on the work…" - says Jacob Hansen, the sound-producer of the last two albums.

The band has tree full-size CDs, one DVD & several EPs. But the musicians won't stop. They have a lot of plans - the half-year tour is in progress now, also they prepare to the new DVD & participating in the biggest festivals. And moving forward - to the new goals!

In 2006 the band started the official fan-club where the fans are called breeders & for them there are exclusive presents. But the band won't stop at this point, there is a half-going to be a tour for the support of the new album, participation in the biggest musical festivals, the shooting for the new DVD & motion forward - to achieve the new goals! For the supporting of the new album the band will make the grand LIVE EVIL TOUR, visiting the cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belorus, Moldova & the former Soviet Republics.