Pantheon - Biography

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Heavy metal has the power to inspire, unite and influence change with an energy unique to the genre. Formed in York, England, PANTHEON share this common philosophy and strive to write honest, relevant music with an industrious attitude to match.

"Music is a lifelong commitment to me", front man Simon Dawson remarks.

The new EP entitled INTERVENTION compliments strong lyrical concepts with a backdrop of massive twin guitar riffs, driving rhythms and powerful vocal lines. Their sound acknowledges the roots of heavy metal but is firmly grounded in the 21st century.

Metal has always been a response to political and social unrest, so what better time to stick two fingers up at control and manipulation. This dynamic four-piece purvey devotion to the craft and a sense of pride for what they do, which has brought them to where they are now.

"Humanity's drive of curiosity has both delivered inspirational figures and achievements in history, but has also degraded into corruption, into a desire to control the uncontrolled, to harness what should never be harnessed and to pollute the minds of those who stand in the way"