The Angelic Process - Biography


Formed in 1999 (with their debut issued in 2001), THE ANGELIC PROCESS have spent the last 8 years creating some of the most exciting and unique music ever heard. Pioneers and figureheads of the Ambient Drone Metal subgenre of extreme music, their influence can be found in numerous bands that have come of age in their wake. With a sound that fuses the layered guitar drone of MY BLOOD VALENTINE, the epic sound and tribal thump of NEUROSIS, the emotional bloodletting of JARBOE/SWANS, and complex, yet fluidly shifting time signatures, THE ANGELIC PROCESS have forged new musical ground and over the course of a nine releases on labels all over the world, have refined and defined a sound that one person described as "the sound my soul makes".

THE ANGELIC PROCESS live is no less as intense. Blasting noise, complex melodies, droning guitar resonance, rippling bass, tom-heavy tribal drums, and hauntingly emotional vocals collide to create violently ambient songs that have a definite shape and progression, but envelope the audience in warm, bombastic soundscapes.