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Garden of Shadows was formed in 1995 under the name Funeral Opera, and recorded one demo tape. A year later Mary from the band Sadistic Torment joined them on second guitar and helped them to realize the sound we hear today. Within six months they released the "Heart of the Corona" demo which sold 800+ copies.
In February of 1998 Garden of Shadows signed to X-Rated records to re-release their demo on cd. For this release they jumped back into the studio to record a new song titled "Shards of the Sphere" and in the process remixed the whole demo. After the release of the remastered "Heart of the Corona" demo the band parted ways with keyboardist Scott.

In 1999 Garden of Shadows signed to Wicked World records, a subsidiary of Earache records. That August they flew to the Czech republic to play the Brutal Assault Open Air Festival with two of the most well known of the atmospheric death metal bands, Septic Flesh, and Depresy. In the summer of 2000 "Oracle Moon" their latest opus saw a worldwide release