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Garden Of Shadows - Biography




GARDEN OF SHADOWS began to take shape in the summer of 1995 when the remaining members of FUNERAL OPERA decided to search for a second guitarist. Mary joined the band soon after, and within three months, they parted ways with drummer Kevin due musical differences. The band went through over a year of stagnation in which they worked with several drummers who did not work well with the band for various reasons until they were finally joined by Bret, former drummer for Maryland's SADISTIC TORMENT, in late 1996, enabling them realize their vision. At that time, the band chose the name GARDEN OF SHADOWS and after about six months, they recorded their highly acclaimed debut demo entitled "HEART OF THE CORONA" which has sold over 800 copies to date.

In February 1998, the band signed an agreement with X-RATED RECORDS to release their debut demo on CD. Also at this time, bassist Owen was added to the lineup. They then entered Hit and Run Studios in March to record a new song "SHARDS OF THE SPHERE" which would appear as a bonus track on the MCD. Due to problems with the recording studio,, the band was forced to go into a second studio, Walton Recording, in order to complete the mixing of this song. After many delays, they were able to master all six tracks at South Moon Productions mastering studio in June. With a total playing time of 39:16, this MCD was released in December 1998.

During this time, the band parted ways with keyboardist Scott, bassist Owen moved over to guitar synth, and bassist Sean was added to the line-up.

In March 1999 the band signed a deal with Wicked World, a subsidiary of Earache Records, and in July, they began to prepare for the recording of their first full-length album. After travelling to the Czech Republic in August to play at the Brutal Assault Open Air Fest (with such bands as Septic Flesh and Depresy) they began the recording process in September. After a series of delays, the album was completed in April of 2000, and is entitled "Oracle Moon".

In 2002, the band was placed on "indefinite hiatus".