Crises - Biography




1998-2001: DARK YEARS

Right after the release, our keyboarder Marco Brenzinger had to leave the band. Having a good distribution for an album doesn't help if the band is not able to promote it with live gigs. This is exactly what happened to us. In 1998 and 1999 we started another "search" for a keyboarder. We did a few gigs with a friend of Ondrej on the keyboards, but he never wanted to join the band. Although discouraged by this experience, we did not stop there. The huge advancements in computer technology made it possible to write and record music on your own PC. At the same time, writing the keyboards for the new songs wasn't a problem anymore. Due to this the songwriting for the third album "Balance" has been finished in the middle of 1999. Unfortunately, personal things delayed the completion of the recording process until the end of 2001.

While completing the album, another bad thing happened to the band. Our US American singer Russell had to leave Germany because of his job. It was not clear if he ever was going to be able to come back to Germany. So we didn't immediately start to look for a new singer right after his departure.


The year 2002 wasn't one of our most constructive ones. Having a completely finished album with great music on one hand, but a band without a singer on the other is someway frustrating. This was probably the reason we didn't find a record company for our CD. In 2003 it became more and more certain that Russell would stay in the US. So we started to look for a new singer. We became frustrated looking for one, but we never stopped writing new music. The new songs we wrote in 2003 are very different to the music we did before. The reasons for this change are different. Of course our favorites changed, so the things we wanted to do did also. Moreover, the prospect of having a new singer with a different voice and style gave us the freedom to try something new. We did not have to fit the music to an already existing voice, rather we tried to find the right voice for our new music. In October 2003 our "quest" was over finding Douglas, the right man for this job.