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Made Of Hate - Biography

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It has been a couple of years now since the group members met as teenagers and decided to rock together. Since the very beginning, they were receiving very positive feedback from the audience while gigging around. The solid, energetic and skill proven music collected many fans, also abroad.

No matter very young guys to start their career, the band performed during the biggest polish festivals gaining lots of interest from the audience and from the industry press and media. Some of the magazines announced Michal Kostrzynski - the lead guitar player and the band founder - the amazing, new-born and gifted guitarist who's technique and the way of playing shape up so well, they were sure the upcoming quartet to succeed very soon. The "Heavy Metal Pages" magazine's journalist wrote the following - "I believe, that in the presence you have to be a really genius musician to make your own style, even though you have such influences as Petrucci or Malmsteen. In my opinion Michal is a virtuoso". The other media follow this opinion and state clearly that the whole band distinguishes from the rest. Michal commented that this way- "Virtuoso? I wish I would be one day! Anyway, there is lots of better things to do now for me than speculating, I 'd better go back to play my guitar!"

The boys never slowed down on the hard work as the band's day by day life is concerned. Whatever they were able to achieve so far was due to their commitment, passion and a kind of personal sacrifice meaning many of important things they had to stop or give up in their private life instead . The group attitude has been the same for years - no time for loose, no wasting of any of their resources, just keeping on working and watching the group grow.

Along with few years the band's squad stabilized. Due to the musicians likes in terms of the music style, there has been a decision made to stick to the classic four-men band basing on powerful and an expressive kind of heavy metal. There was no doubt the name of the group had to be in line with the angry riffs and to correspond with the way the guys sounded like. The choice was clear here - Made of Hate!