Changer - Biography



In November 1999, drummer Kristjan B. Heidarsson grew tired of the musical direction of his band, Shiva, and decided to do a solo project in order to get ideas out of his head. This was the birth of Changer, which remained a one man project for the time being.

In January 2000 Kristjan recorded Changer's first album, January 109, on his own, with the help of his good friend Adalsteinn Mar Bjornsson. January 109 was released in only 50 handnumbered copies through Hardkjarni Records in February.

Shiva came to an end in spring 2000. In May Kristjan moved from Akureyri to Reykjavik to seek out musicians who could make Changer a band instead of a studio project, and in July a full line-up was established.
Adalsteinn Mar Bjornsson passed away in a tragic car accident in June 2000. - R.I.P. brother.

In the meantime Kristjan had written a second album for the band, but as rehearsals started it became clear that the new members had more than enough ideas of their own, so it was decided to shelve most of Kristjan's songs.

2001 saw the release of Inconsistency, a four song EP consisting of one track from "the lost album", one new track and two reworkings of songs from January 109. Meanwhile, Changer made a big impact on the live scene in Iceland.

In 2004 the band finally released a new album, Scenes, after much problems and almost endless delays in the recording process.

2005 became a turning point for Changer. A new EP was in the works, but then the band lost their bass player early in the year. The band still played at Nevelfest in Belgium, enlisting a session bass player. Shortly after coming back home, Kristjan found himself with just one guitarist in the band and with a desire to explore more brutal musical direction.

After recruiting a new line-up, Changer forged ahead and buried their past under their heel. New songs were born and the thrash metal direction moved over for a death metal exploration.

This new incarnation of Changer toured Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany in spring 2006, and released the EP Breed The Lies shortly after coming home.

The year 2007 started by finding yet another guitarist, but although everything seemed well on the surface, turmoil was brewing between the members. This resulted in the loss of a bassist in the summer, and at the end of the year shocking news were announced: Changer had called it quits. It is not known what will become of the material intended for the next full album, but the demos still exist somewhere.

But this was not to be. Kristjan decided to resurrect the name Changer, and in the summer 2008 he enlisted the services of Atli Jarl Martin on bass and vocals, and shortly recruited Rob-D, a talented guitarist from Poland, on guitars. A second guitarist will be added shortly. This will mark a return to the original musical direction, consisting of thrash metal with death metal influences.