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Angeles Del Infierno, initiated in 1980 and hailing from San Sebastián, made a huge impression on the eighties Spanish Hard rock scene. The founding members comprised frontman Juan Gallardo, guitarists Robert Alvarez and Manu Garcia, bass man Santi Rubio with Iñaki Munita on the drums. A live reputation was established quickly and prior to 1982 the group already had support honours to AC/DC, MOTÖRHEAD and SAXON. Signing to Warner Bros. the band debuted in 1984 with the album 'Pacto Con El Diablo', engineered by Brad Davis and Mark Dodson, with a second set, 'Diabolica', arriving the following year. This second album was recorded at Mediterraneo Studios, Ibiza during February and March, 1985, again using Brad Davis behind the desk.

An EP, 'Instinto Animal' and 1986's Dennis Herman engineered album 'Joven Para Morir', generated accelerated sales and thrust Angeles Del Infierno to major prominence on the Iberian peninsula. A compilation set, 'Lo Mejor De Angeles Del Infierno' issued in 1987, was followed up by the '666' album, recorded in Madrid with producer Mark Dearnley. Hosting a cover version of SLADE's 'Mama Weer All Crazee Now', '666' was released in 1988. This album signalled ANGELES DEL INFIERNO debut tour of the USA and Mexico. Stephan Galfas produced 1993's 'A Cara o Cruz'.

The 1998 version of ANGELES DEL INFIERNO saw Gallardo and Alvarez joined by second guitarist Gustavo Hermosillo, bass guitarist Alfonso Polo and drummer Gerardo García. Extensive live work was undertaken across the USA and Mexico throughout 1999. ANGELES DEL INFIERNO then went into a brief hiatus, returning with a performance at the Spanish 'Viñarock 2000' festival. That year a compilation collection, 'Exitos Diabolicos', notably included four previously unreleased tracks. 2001 and 2002 would be occupied with further lengthy road expeditions across Mexico and North America, capped by a showing at 'Viñarock 2002'.

ANGELES DEL INFIERNO, counting a line-up of vocalist Juan Gallardo, guitarist Robert Alvarez, bassist Gus Santana, keyboard player Guillermo Pascual and drummer Rafa Delgado, made a return in 2003 with the Stefan Galfas produced 'Todos Somos Angeles' album.

The group spent March and April 2006 on tour in the USA. Central American gigs in November witnessed shows in Nicaragua and Mexico.

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