Fire Trails - Biography


Founded in 2002 by Pino Scotto (singer) and Steve Angarthal (guitarist) , Fire Trails complete their current line-up with Larsen Premoli on keyboards, Frank Coppolino on bass and Mario Giannini on Drums.
Fire Trails strong point is their skill in blending classical '70s hard rock , '80s metal with more up to date influences: this also thanks to the different styles of each band member.
The experienced and uncompromising singer Pino Scotto, formerly Vanadium and real italian rock icon with 14 disco graphic releases as his background;
The unique artistic personality of Steve Angarthal, amazing guitar talent inspired by resounding names such as R. Blackmore and Y. Malmsteen;
The power and energy of the exceptional bass player Frank Coppolino (Exilia, Daydream); the enthusiasm of the young organ and keyboards player Larsen Premoli, with his classical and jazz education, unifying his passion for two great artists (J. Rudess & J. Lord) to his incredible skill and last but not least, the clock-precision and explosive power of the new entry of the band, the drummer Mario Giannini ( ex Node e Beholder ).

Two are the disco graphic releases: "Vanadium tribute" in 2003 and "Third moon" in 2005.
The former, made under the Italian label Underground Symphony and Audioglobe distribution, is a 12 tracks cd, joining famous songs of Vanadium production, rearranged and played with a modern approach (the song "We wanna live with the rock & roll" featured as special guest Denny Peryonel of UFO), to three brand new songs "Movin'Soul", "Goin'On" and "Wild Horse".
From this album there's also the video clip production of the opening track "run too fast", which finds great response especially with the audience of Rock TV, satellite channel dedicated to rock music where Pino Scotto becomes the most wanted artist at Database show.
The latter release has been realized during March and April 2005 at "Massive Arts Studios" in Milan under Valery Records production. The cd is a concept album with 11 tracks telling the story about man's evolution with his sorrows and his victories.
For the occasion, and also due to the former drummer Lio Mascheroni leaving the band, there's the presence in the studio sessions of two great drummers Mario Riso (RAF, Movida ) and Tato ( 7 Vite ) who bring into play their different styles amplifying Fire Trails evolving musical path.
As a matter of fact, Third moon becomes the way for Fire Trails to seal their new and strong stylistic identity that developed on stage during the previous live tour.
Actually they get the chance to consolidate their impact taking part to different italian metal festivals such as Agglutination and Iron Fest sharing the stage with names like Glenn Hughes, Joe L. Turner, L.A. Guns, Quireboys and Gotthard.

In consideration of the great answer obtained both from audience and musical critics, Fire Trails are confirmed as one the most outstanding metal band in the Italian scene.Fire Trails are officially dismissed at the end of 2008.