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Nucleus Torn - Biography


After roughly three years of labour, Swiss band Nucleus Torn completed their debut album "Nihil" in spring 2006. The 500 copies of the band's self-released CD were sold out after just a few months; now, Prophecy Productions will re-release the album.

"Nihil" is an impressive conclusion of the growth of what was intended as a solo project back in 1997 into a band with numerous members - seven musicians have participated on the album. The folkloristic parts of the band's first release, "Krähenkönigin" (featuring material performed on acoustic guitars only, recorded back in 1998 but only released in 2004 via the Swiss label Kunsthall Produktionen as a 10" mini LP), have their echoes on "Nihil", but the musical spectrum has been considerably broadened in the course of years, organically blending elements from Progressive Rock, extreme Metal and Classical music with the groundwork of the initial stages. "With 'Nihil', we want to cover a broad array of emotions, and for that, we use different styles of music," Fredy Schnyder, the head of Nucleus Torn, explains. "Apart from that, we wish to prove that different styles of music (being defined as such by people) need not be mutually exclusive at all, if there is an adequate emotional framework for integrating various sounds."

As for concepts, Nucleus Torn are highly motivated, with "Nihil" being the first part of a trilogy. "It's primarily about separation in adverse circumstances, while constantly expecting the last day of your life. The end draws near, as does a deceptive kind of deliverance," Fredy outlines the subject matter of the band's current album. In the next few years, the concept is to be completed by the albums "Knell" and "Andromeda Awaiting (parts I & II)". "For Nucleus Torn's future it is essential that every album has a distinct connection to 'Nihil'. Still, only with the third album 'Andromeda Awaiting' we will be able to explain this concept to the listeners. Whoever listens to 'Nihil' shall wander astray, as for the moment the voyage is the goal."