Furze - Biography

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Furze is created out of the dust of Woe J Reaper - around 1996 partly the name for a project, periodically a band, then the driving force behind it eventually split it in '97 for the last time and finally started it seriously… In October 1998 Woe J Reaper changed the name to Furze, at the time when lyrics like "Scolopendraarise" and "Devacamo Possessed Black" were written - and Reaper had moved out in the half desolate forest (where he spent 3 ½ years) to aid the inspiration force further…

Furze/Woe J Reaper released 3 demos in the last years of the 90s and signed a deal with Norwegian Apocalyptic Empire in 1999. They released the 4 first releases including the 2 first albums Trident Autocrat and Necromanzee Cogent. Released in a time when little originality was happening in the Black/old school metal fields - Furze is probably Norway's (or the underground in general) most influential music to arrive in 1999/2000, speaking about Black Metal newcomers. Their choice of label has both gained and held back… In 2001 the label boss was put in jail for robbing a post office and the then finished recorded 2nd album was very delayed. Also AER thanked "no" to expand their distribution net - a question which came about very much due to the Furze records - they were always the only CD-formats available from their catalogue, to this day. The original Furzement has been recognized and more so now as the band has signed a 5 deal album with Candlelight Records and are ready to take new steps in the time to come. A lot will happen in the coming years with Furze. First thing up is the 3rd album (which even includes the mighty Frost as session drummer on 2 songs) and the re-release of the old albums - licensed to Candlelight.

Live and other activities will be among the upcoming things the fans can experience - it is time for the World to know there is only one Reaper, His name is Woe J Reaper, his scythe unveiled has a blade, a sound; named Furze….

Furze's "UTD", the Third and so far strongest of the Storms coming your way, is made outta opposite forces…This split-album with'em selves having being recorded June 2004 - October 2005, bears the title "UTD: The Wealth of the Penetration in the Abstract Paradigmas of Satan"/