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Seven Tears - Biography




The history of Seven Tears dates back to the earliest years of the 21st century, when two thirteen-years old schoolboys, Jonathan Carlemar and Fredrik Lager, decided to form the band "Demonslave". Their main influences were bands such as Helloween and Hammerfall and the lyrics were filled with dragons and steel. The first line-up consisted of Jonathan (guitars), Fredrik (vocals), Niklas Lindahl (bass) and Richard Harbrecht (drums), but they never managed to reach out to the crowd. Jonathan and Fredrik continued to write catchy power metal songs and the break-through came when they decided to let a female vocalist join them. Elin Johansson was the name of the new member and Fredrik became their new bass-player. The amazing Michael Sjöö (Spearfish) joined as a new drummer and Martin Rydlund took place behind the keyboards. This new line-up was known as "Atlantica" and they released their first self-titled demo in October, 2005. The demo received a great review in the Sweden Rock Magazine which forecasted a bright future for the band. They did a live show at the Skirö Festival, but maintained silent for a while.

The wheels started to spin rapidly again when Kristofer von Wachenfeldt (Platitude, Neon Diver) took mr. Rydlund's place at the keyboards. Atlantica also started to look for a new lead singer and did two gigs in 2006 with two different vocalists, Tommie Andersson and Madeleine Svensson. Tommie had to leave the band when he decided to move to Stockholm and "Madde" just didn't felt right at the time. The current line-up, with Jonathan Carlemar (guitars), Fredrik Lager (bass), Kristofer von Wachenfeldt (keyboards) and Michael Sjöö (drums), started to work on some new songs in a complete different musical direction and decided to change the name to "Seven Tears". They were thrilled to get back on track again and asked the singer Zoran Djorem to join them. Zoran didn't hesitate and the demo "The Story Unfolds" (November, 2006) became their first release together. The demo contains an unique mixture of Dark Melodic Metal and an AOR-feeling with some prog-elements. The music can easily be described as "Evergrey meets Journey"! The band hope that they will be able to share their music with the world and are always busy with song-writing and lets the story unfold...