Neuromist - Biography



Since its inception in the summer of 2004 Neuromist was going a slow but a steady road to what it is now. Being agreed by its founders (Mike Petriuc, Sergei Petrenco and Kirill Zmurciuk) as a project that will have no compromise and musical limitations, the band went on to forge its own sound throughout the years and different members. Five years later, a period that can see the rise and fall of a band's career, Neuromist have started recording their debut album that was born in a challenging and demanding atmosphere, molded by ambitions, conflicts and gradual maturity of all the people involved. The result of this is "Move of Thought", a 45 minute journey through varying landscape of what can be characterized as aggressive progressive metal.

The band's initial aim was to create something unique, organic, progressive yet not ridiculously technical and brutal as most of progressive death has become lately. Having its influences from a wide range of musicians such as Cynic, Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Death, Spawn of Possession, King Crimson, Strapping Young Lad, Spiral Architect, Alan Holdsworth and many more, Neuromist was always looking for its own sound that would be both distinct and interesting. Today the band is comprised of four members who each have a strong drive to do what they are doing best and evolve as individuals as well as a band. This was a result of natural evolution and constant line-up changes that were always pushing the band back but never stopping it from carrying on with its mission.

Neuromist have been both on the road and in the studio, and while not having as much achievements as many other bands from the region, it has gained a base of followers and fans who appreciated the sound and material of the band. Dubbed as "music for musicians" - a natural definition for most progressively sounding bands - Neuromist still have the aggressive elements of death and thrash metal as well, being able to give the headbanger something to rock out to. And it all results from the natural desire of the band members to play what they would want to enjoy themselves, rather than a coldly calculated formula to feed the masses with.

Mixed by Tony Alien (Hell:On; Ungrace; Mind Shredder) the debut album comes out in March 2010 carrying the exact sound as the band has always wanted on a recording. What happens next is still unknown, but it's evident that Neuromist will carry on shaping its sound and taking it on a whole new level, no matter how long it may take!

Neuromist are:

Alex Petriuc - bass
Kirill Zmurciuk - guitar
Vladimir Ghillien - vocal
Mike Grigorash - drums