Arakain - Biography





Arakain is a Czech metal band. Their first album "Thrash the trash" was released in 1990. Their actually last album "Labyrint" was released in 2006. Their musical style can be classified as heavy or thrash metal.

Originally, the band was founded in 1982 in Prague, but the band could not release their records due to censorship of communist regime in Czechoslovakia. That's why their first album "Thrash the trash" wasn't released until 1990. Song from "communists era" were released later, concretely on double CD "A15 (vol. 1 & 2)" in 1997 and "Archeology" in 2002. As a guest on this record appears Czech pop star Lucie Bílá, who cooperated with Arakain in the 80's.

Great influence for music style of the band had their former lead singer and text writer Aleš Brichta (left band in 2002).
Regarding band's line-up - there's a stable trio Jirka Urban and Mirek Mach on guitars together with Zdenìk Kub on bass. Frontman and drummer's position has come through lots of changes in past few years.

As mentioned before, former (and original) frontman Aleš Brichta left the band in 2002 and was replaced by till that day almost unknown Petr Koláø, who recorded 2 albums with the band (Metalmorfoza 2003 and Warning! 2004). But in 2005 was Petr Koláø tempted by being a musical star, so he left the band (right after releasing the record Warning! and in the beginning of a tour) and was replaced by younger and more talented (and more likeable) singer Honza Toužimský.

Together with Koláø also longtime drummer Marek Žežulka was forced to leave the band beacause of money - he had to decide between not so profitable metal band (Arakain), or teenage pop-band (Divokej Bill). During the 2005 Warning tour were drums played by Roman Lomtadze, but it was only a temporary replacement, Roman if fully engaged in folk band Èechomor. For the next record - Labyrint - was found new drummer Lukáš Doxa Doksanský.