This Is Hell - Biography

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This Is Hell, or TIH for short, are a Long Island, New York-based hardcore punk band. The band is known for extensive touring and high energy concerts. To date, the band has released two studio albums, and four EPs.

Early days and formation

This is Hell formed in June 2004 when Long Island musicians and members of The Backup Plan, Scraps and Heart Attacks, and Subterfuge got together after their previous bands broke up. The name of the band was originally the title of an Elvis Costello song. The band quickly released a four song self titled demo EP which was later pressed onto vinyl via Boston label Run for Cover Records. Pressings of the EP sold out quickly and was very well received. The demo gained enough popularity to later be reissued In support of this demo, the band played over 200 live shows in one year.

After the release of their demo and in between touring, the band started working on their next release, a self titled EP. It was released in May 2005 again on State of Mind Records. Later that year, the band caught the attention of hardcore punk record label Trustkill Records.

The band signed to Trustkill shortly after that, and began to work on their debut album Sundowning to be released on their new label. In May 2006 the album was released and received a very warm reception. Larger magazines including Alternative Press, Metal Hammer, and Rock Sound started featuring the small time Long Island band, creating a rise in popularity. Their slow rise to fame was also due to their non-stop touring. In 2006 and 2007, This is Hell participated in the Sounds of the Underground tour which rivaled Ozzfest. In this tour they played alongside As I Lay Dying, Trivium, In Flames, GWAR, Shadows Fall, Every Time I Die and others. In 2006 they were invited to play in the Taste of Chaos tour and the Saints & Sinners Festival. During this time This is Hell also toured with Comeback Kid, Endwell, It Dies Today, Parkway Drive, Cancer Bats, Glassjaw, Lostprophets, Bayside and several others.

In April 2006, This is Hell members Rick Jimenez and Dan Bourke were interested in starting a side project. The two started recruiting local hardcore punk musicians from Long Island and soon formed Soldiers. The band went on to independently release The Tombstone EP, and a full length album, The End of Days, through Trustkill Records. Soldiers has played live with This is Hell on a few tours. For these shows, Jimenez and Bourke would play in both bands each night.

After the amicable departure of bassist/lyricist Jeff Tiu and the parting of ways with guitarist Joe Oslin, Johnny Moore (ex-Subterfuge, ex-Asternaut) took over on bass as well as becoming the main lyricist, and Chris Reynolds took over second guitar duties. Jeff Tiu went on to front lihc band Ice Age with Chris Mazella (ex-Subterfuge, current Soldiers) on guitar.

Before the close of 2007, This is Hell released two more EPs exclusively on 7" vinyl records. The first EP, titled Cripplers featured cover songs, unreleased songs, and one brand new song. The new song called "Infected" was later found on the band's second studio album, but was added to this EP to give fans a taste before the release of the new album. The second EP was a split record with Cancer Bats. This EP featured one new song from each band and one cover of the other band.

After several years of non stop touring with larger bands on festival tours, and smaller bands on underground tours, This is Hell gathered much inspiration for their second studio album titled Misfortunes. With this album, the band created a new more aggressive and raw sound not found on previous efforts. Only a few days after the release the band embarked on their first headlining tour, which included a full US tour followed by a small European tour.