Satan's Host - Biography





1985 - Metal From Hell:
The recording of this project was the groups first full length album/C.D.. A period of ten months would pass before an official release which was set for The Iades of March 1986. A very high standard was set for the production of this project and that was the reason why S.H. decided to choose Avalanche Studios for their state of the art equipment at that period in time. On this project the group had financial backing other than themselves so time was of no constraint. This is the album that pioneered a new form of muzik in the Underground scene worldwide. It has won awards over in Europe and been boot-legged more times than can be counted. From vinyl on to C.D. and cassette, truly quite amazing. Still to this day we have fans from the metal scene asking us for a copy of this album because of its limited quantity and the colored vinyl. There were only 10.000 copies made and only half went over to European distributors so you can sense the demand for this album of authenticity after close to twenty years. Since the existence of this group, from its first guitar chord amplified back in 1977 to their first world wide release of 'Metal From Hell' in 1986 and into the Hellion Recording sessions on the Walspernaut of 2003. S.H. have endured a lot of hard-core reality trips, from death of original members to collapsed record deals, stolen money, boot-legged profit from their blood and other degrees of obstacles. Hell the list goes on and on... Since they have unified with a new line-up and are back together as a solid unit (Demonic Machine) they have produced some very innovative new material. Since these warriors from the new generation of Satan's Host have come together they have accomplished to achieve production on five full length c.d.'s/albums of original material and then some never before released material for the ever present new millennia...22nd. century. S.H. are presently hard at work in persevering to awaken the Underworld with their infernal message of this Black Magick~Metal Muzik from Hell...999

1987 - Midnight Wind:
In 1987 'Midnight Wind' was recorded and this was the groups sophomore album unto their credentials. Though a little over a year after the recording of this project original drummer D. Lucifer Steel was murdered and this left the group in a state of disbelief and heartache. See at this time frame in their career death threats were not uncommon, yet ever rellay taken with a grain of salt. So with a record distribution deal on the table for possibly two albums pending completion which would enable them to be released under the label of (Metal Blade Records) was denied. Due to circumstances in this present time frame of the American social matrix, multiplied by the pressure that was coming from the P.M.R.C. unto M.B.R. Let alone trying to find a drummer of D. Lucifer's caliber in such a short notice of time to perform on the road at a level of their expected excellence. This c.d. was rough mixed at best and truly never completed due to loss of will and financial commitment from this line up of original members. Though there were menial copies distributed in the states only, and very limited were the quantities so this project is out there among the Legions.

From 1989 until 1994 there was a period of recreation manifesting among the Satan's Host Grotto. Here is where S.H. was in a state of seclusion for some years between the albums of 'Midnight Wind' and the beginning works of 'In Articulo Mortis'. In this period (6 years) of down time is what it took for the Magick to be rekindled again as these musicians from a new generation of Satanists embodied the true essence of what is Satan's Host. During this period of time was when out of a ritual vocalist/lyricist L.C.F. Eli Elixir was enlightened by the Beast THERION to track down Satan Patrick Evil and begin composing the New Muzikal Laws of Magick...5th New Aeon. The two of these magicians spent the next three years writing material and finding the perfect warlord on drums. Once A.C. (Anthony Chavez) was initiated into the Black Circle their Magickal Muzik was too take on a lyrical language of its own power and enlightenment. At this moment is when the fires began to burn ever stronger and stronger within the legacy of Satan's Host once again. Yet on their first outing together, collectively they decided to use a pseudonym (Nightside Of Eden) to protect their lives and the lives of their families due to the misfortunate experiences of the past. They even sent copies of this particular C.D. to be reviewed by international magazines from around the world under this other horn (N.O.E.). All in the silence of knowing unto themselves that this was the new generation of Satan's Host.

1999 - In Articulo Mortis:
This was recorded in the winter of 1999. Three days prior to the recording sessions of this album, Vocalist/Lyricist Eli Elixir was in a head on car collision. He walked out of the hospital with stitches in and upon his forehead and skull. As with the taste of blood upon his tongue, this experience was captured on tape nights later...(Near Death: Experienced.) Patrick Evil performs all Guitars and Keyboards. The innovations of clarity in modes are hellishly harmonious with a malevolent power. Containing the demonic speed which seems to manifest a current that accentuates the cosmic dynamics of each unique song from this opus. A.C. performed the drums which are permeated with a thunderous double kicking roar. This will awaken all the Demons towards the Satanic Uprise. Black Magick Muzik from Hell...418.

2000 - Archidoxes Of Evil ~ Lucifer:
(Volume I)This project was recorded in the winter of 2000 with eleven trax on it...Plus a Hidden trax. Prior to all recordings of the studio sessions on this album, drummer Anthony Chavez was going through the reality that his older brother had died just before the production was to begin. Yet like a True Warrior A.C. stepped up and laid down some of the most hellish drum trax unto Black/Death~Metal history. All Guitars, Leads, Harmonies and acoustics were done by Patrick Evil. Lyrics and Vocals were composed and evoked by L.C.F. Eli Elixir. In true S.H. enlightenment this album is very diverse and leaves the listener entranced from beginning to end. The lyrical content is immensely poetic and intense, filling the listener/reader with the true Magickal philosophies and Laws for the New Generation of Satanists.

2001 - Live~Evil~Lives:
In May of 2001 Satan's Host recorded their first live C.D. entitled 'Live~Evil~Lives.' This was done on very sacred ground for these Warriors...Upon a mountain at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, Colorado. Just 10 miles from their hometown of Arvada. This night is and will always be a testament of the truest Warrior/Pro Musician's work ethic and all the sacrifices that it really takes in this brutal business to achieve Greatness. To this day we are all still overwhelmed by Patrick's strength and courage to perform, let alone record a live album on this night. A True Ippissisimis he is, he has truly earned it. Just hours before recording on this night Pat and Eli were at his father's funeral. Remember that when you're listening to this album? Amazing. Truly Amazing. "They are not blinded by the demon hypocrisy of the white light fools!" "There is no grace: there is no guilt: This is the Law: do what thou wilt!"

2002 - Legions of the Fire Age:
This was a project that never got into the actual recording studio, though there are rehearsal sessions which were captured from the years' work prior. At the time of entering into the studio just days before sessions were about to begin, drummer A.C. broke his ankle and was unable to fulfill his duties due to injury. This was only the beginning of his misfortune. Then soon after he injured his elbow and had to take extended time off to heal. As well as think about the future, and if this was what he truly wanted to dedicate and commit himself unto. By this time a whole year was elapsing and they had to make the move in which too Doctrinate another Warrior into the Satan's Host Grotto. This is when they began putting the final touches on their workings of some very intense trax. Drummers from various parts of the U.S.A. came into the Black Magick Studios for sessions where songs were created, worked out and then recorded at that very moment of gathering. Soon after these rough sounding trax were all gathered on to one disk there ended up being a full length L.P. of material with three different drummers on the complete project. These are very rare songs and have never ever been played nor performed live, only for listening entrancements. There were limited quantities released only in the states, so this c.d. is very hard to find. All Guitars were done by Pat Evil, as were the bass trax at times on some of the songs. Vocals and lyrics were composed and evoked by L.C.F. Eli Elixir. On a few of these songs the Bass was performed by Belial J. Phantom. After this ordeal of the revolving drummers patience was running very thin and there was still not a drummer that Evil and Elixir were absolutely certain about for the demanding position. In the spring of 2002 Pete 3 Wicked was contacted and they have never looked back since. He fits with the S.H. style and the way that this organization operates, while his dedication and commitment levels are seconded to none. So this was the moment when S.H. began gathering ideas for a whole new c.d., with all new trax and a whole new sound which is revealed on the 2004 project…Burning the Born Again…(A New Philosophy.) As for all the mishaps that occurred in creating the muzik for this c.d. it only strengthened the beliefs, drive, destiny and convictions of what Evil and Elixir must do to achieve greatness and preserve the longevity and credibility of The Satan's Host Legacy...The Muzik. When all was said and done there are actually some classic Black-Death-Metal songs that will stand the test of time on this c.d./project.

2004 - Burning the Born Again... (A New Philosophy):
In 2003 on the Walspernaut/May 1st., we had entered into Hellion Studios to perform and record our rituals of Black Metal Magick from Hell. Under the Left Hand of Black Metal Perfection and experimentation; Engineer Dave Otero has brought out the essence of what S.H. conjured up and captured in the studio...Their true Divine purity of Evil and Enlightenment. With more than enough material for a full length album there had to be some trax cut from making it on the final project. Only due to the limited length of time on an eighty minute disk and not because of aesthetic compromise. These trax will be released at a later time and on a different project in the future whenever the Demons feel it shall be it Will be. We just went into the studio and unleashed everything that we had been working on, up to that moment in time for the past year with a new drummer: Pete 3 Wicked. When all the songs were laid down we were faced with this situation of having more Muzik of Magick than c.d. timelength. As far as bringing new instruments and styles of metal into the S.H. muzikal realm we challenged ourselves as musicians and as vocalists a lot more on this project, expanding what our Magick transforms. Keyboards and Synthesizers were a big transition as with the old school power metal vocal attack at times...on parts that accentuate each other with the muzik. As with the spoken words of poetic incantations dealing with Black Magick and the occasional death metal deep vocals on transitions of power and choruses as well as accents. The main vocals are very much in the vein of black metal, in the creature tonality...mid range to the higher octaves. Back-Up vocals are very choir like and harmonious at times while big and powerful with a cryptic ambiance. There are pieces with vocal and keyboards only, and at times as there are keyboards and synthesizers entwined into a few of the trax that are guitar driven and in the realm of speed which is of a new for S.H.. Guitars are truly done by a master on the seven strings of sin. Killer riffs and grooves which create the movement of each unique trax. All of the harmony work is perfect and tight with a tonality that pierces the very core of every Legion worldwide. The leads are pure ecstasy and sing their own unique song; Evoking their own curse within each trax upon this c.d.. The drums are triggered, feet/kicks for the first time on any project done and this revelation has enhanced the overall sound of production and complete presence in the overall mix. Variety of tempos in speed and quick rolls as with the tribal bass percussions and the blast beats of the snare and the double kicks has created a balance, binding eras of drumming (Past, Now and Future.) The Bass is very clean and filled with a deep warm sound to bring out the rumble underneath the strings, as with filling out the drums and giving them the constant drive that makes the overall sound big, solid and full. The production is truly the best that S.H. has yet to ever experience and capture on disk. Dave "Levay" Otero at Hellion Studios did masterful work and it is reflected within the complete muzikal opus...Project.

2006 - The Satanic Grimoire; A Greater Black Magick:
Satan's Host entered into, 'Flatline Audio' Recording Studio on the Walpurgisnacht of 2005. This was the first Ritual conducted w/ just the core of Satan's Host, three of us, Elixir, Pete 3 and Pat Evil, we went into this w/ fire and Pure Satanic Fury. Having a hell of a lot to prove unto ourselves, as w/ all the ones who were ill willing us to fail on this project. We just went in, and unleashed our Metal from Hell; Devouring all that got in our pathway; Conjuring a wide array of Demons from w/ in the cd. This was a self-financed project once again in our career, we have learned to believe in ourselves as with what we are doing, to the extreme of working our Magick to muster up the cash that it takes to record a Masterpiece of this length 78min. As with printing and distributing the Cd. around the World under our own label...Black Magick, Inc. We would like to thank all of the writers who reviewed this cd, as w/ those who have interviewed us pertaining to this project. You Rule Metal Brothers...666

Pete 3 Wicked laid down all the drum tracks. His attack was that of a new level from his last recording sessions w/ Satan's Host. Filled w/ a very powerful attack, blast beats, quickness of tomb rolls and the double kicks are brutal. A wide array of beats are interwoven in this cd., making it very versatile as w/ diverse in the drumming of the beats, very creative in the compositional structuring.

Patrick Evil laid down all the Bass trax on this cd. It was the first time that Satan's Host has done this, letting Evil do All the Strings...Worked out for the better. His Guitar Work is that of Satanic Perfection, very innovative and creative, filled w/ a broad array of techniques and emotions. Leads that fill the soul of the listener, w/ emotions of mystery and aggressive brutality, harmonies are filled w/ Magick and will entrance you under his spell: Guitar, "Seven Strings of Sin." Truly a Master of Metal Riffs.

Eli Elixir wrote all lyrics on this project, as w/ all the Vocal Tracking and Spoken Words of Incantations. Inspiration was from four different realms of Satanic Magick. Some songs were inspired by the Necronomicon, others were influenced by the Lesser Keys of the Goetia, Satanic Bible, Luciferian Witchcraft as w/ other Philosophies of the Left Hand Path of Life. I give my thanx to all those who have inspired me and my Magick, both alive and dead. I Will always carry your philosophies inside thy steps on this road of Satanic Magick in the Black Arts. Ave. Lucifer...999 + Sitra Ahra.

Dave Otero did a great job engineering this project, we truly do thank him for the success of this project. He really put his own, mind, body and soul into this cd. Lot of credit goes out to Dr. Dave,"Lavey' Otero. You Rule Bro...666

After about a year of production, due to the fact that we had to schedule sessions like once a month, or a few a month, hell there were times that we waited several months before getting back in to the studio so as too finish up work on this cd. Due to the fact that we were self financing this cd. w/ out any outside involvement. So all and all it took us about a year to finish this cd. From Alpha to Omega, first recording session to the cd. release gig, which was on 6-6-06 w/ Deicide, one of our favorite bands; Evil-Brothers in arms...666 Hell of a way for Satan's Host to release the new cd., was a Great Gig, Thanx to those who shared in our Satanic Ceremony. Hail Satan...666

After about a year of manifestation from this release date, Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick. Cd. got picked up by Odin w/ 'Moribund Cult Records'. We were very Honored to have a True Satanic Label w/ World Wide Distribution, Work w/ Us in our War against All other forms of Music. We just knew that this was the Ultimate Unholy Alliance for the Satanic Metal Underground World Wide 9. Now as this Masterpiece is available 11-10-07 for All the Metal Warriors around the World.

2008 - Great American Scapegoat 666:
We entered into the Studio (Flateline Audio) based out of Denver, CO. in October of 2007. This was our first recording project under the Moribund Cult Record Label. Engineering this full length CD. would be Dr. Dave "Lavey" Otero. The whole of this project was done in a span of three and a half weeks. Satan's Host began w/ Drum tracking of the thirteen new trax for this Great Satanic Metal Masterpiece...CD.

Pete did a great job in getting himself prepared, as w/ the hellish beats. His attack was very primal and innovative on this project, he had spent nine months prior getting himself in better shape, both physically and mentally. By going to the gym and working on his strength and power, as w/ trimming down too be quicker on the top end of the drums. His sessions lasted for three days, while getting sounds, and levels took the rest of the first week to complete. Pat did his guitar rhythm trax next, at the beginning of the second week. After all the rhythm trax were layered and perfected, next was the leads. Completion of all the leads and harmonies took about two days to complete and layer. All in all the Guitars took the second week to finish up and complete; Evil did a phenomenal job in getting them done in the span of five days. Then next was the Bass tracking, this took about three days to complete and perfect. This CD. has the most innovative Bass licks too date for Satan's Host, they truly do have a voice of their own in each of the new songs. Pure Evil-Entrancement emanates from these five strings of fury. Now that all the instruments had been tracked, as w/ being mixed and leveled to a degree the vocals were to be tracked next. Elixir went in sessions of two day intervals for the vocal tracking. He prepared his vox w/ lessons, five months prior to entering into the studio. As w/ dedicating himself for eighteen months prior to these sessions, by going to the gym and training hard, so as to bring All the More Power and Strength as w/ Stamina to this new CD./Project. His vocals are of Pure Demonic Power and Intelligence of the Left Hand Path Philosophies and The Black Arts. He layered all his vocals, as w/ spoken words, Incantations and whispers of Luciferian Wisdom. On his final day of tracking there was the song "Ave. Lucifer" which was tracked on 'Devils' Night.' This was truly a Magickal moment, filled w/ Power, Purity and Perfection. Where those who were there, were in a complete state of suspended consciousness, filled w/ Enlightenment and Empowerment. He had summoned up the Dark Lord on this Evening, as was witnessed by those in the same four walls. When completed w/ his vocals and sessions on this eve, he had walked out of the isolation room completely soaked in sweat, and was physically spent...Exhausted. All these new Lyrx and titles were written by Elixir; Inspired by these Books: "Luciferian Witchcraft" and "Magick of the Adversary," by Michael W. Ford. "The Goetia Lesser Keys," by Aleister Crowley. "Lords of the Left Hand Path," by Stephen E. Flowers. "An Age for Lucifer," by Robert C. Tucker. "The Satanic Bible," by Anton Szandor Lavey. "Mysteries of the Temple of SET," by Don Webb. "48 LAWS of Power," by Robert Greene. As w/ personal perceptions of what it is, too be in a country that is very corrupt and money hungry. As w/ a Divine Hate for the US Government, and the Right winged Conservatives of this distorted christian (chuch) nation! Doing his part in Enlightening the True Metal Warriors of the Left Hand Path, of this present situation in the USA. Ave. Lucifer...999

Moribund Cult Records released this CD. "Great American Scapegoat 666" World Wide on Feb. 12. 2008. We are very Honored to be part of the Cult. We Believe that together, we created an alliance w/ a Truism of Satanic Power and Energy in Moribund and Satan's Host. Hail Satan...666

In support of the New release Satan's Host will be Touring in Spring of 2008. As w/ some dates in the Summer of 2008.

Behold, Unto the Children of this 5th. New Aeon...The Fire~Age!:
Satan's Host has eclipsed from the majestic mile-hi mountains of Colorado. Where they have been composing spheres of a nocturnal vibration with their lyrical language of muzik. For the better part of three decades upon this plane of existence, All the Warriors who have been, and that are, of The Legacy have persevered through a great deal of various degrees in the trials and tribulations which it takes too evolve and create Black Metal Muzik from Hell. While members of the present line-up for 2008, consisting of legendary guitarist and founder of Satan's Host: Pat Evil on Lead Guitar. Drummer: eVil LiTtLe HoBbit, making his professional debut on the new c.d., soon to be released in 2009 under Moribund Cult Records. As are Bass duties by D. Monic, these are the newest Warrior's in the Satan's Host Muzikal Grotto. Keep an evil-eye out for these genius', they will make their names known through the fires and brimstone of Hell. While Lyrx and Vox are Evoked by L.C.F. Eli Elixir…999. Ave. LUCIFER.

Based out of Denver, Colorado these possessors of this Divine Infernal aesthetic integrity now form what is known as the 'New Generation' of Satan's Host. Believe they have been able to pioneer what once was and make it now with all the more Power and Magick for the enlightenment of their Satanic Legions/Fans worldwide. Through the Old Ways of their ancestral bloodline they have become the voice of a New Law. As Magicians among the (Satan's Host Grotto) a vow has been consummated and consecrated with the spilling of their blood into the chalice of Immortal Enlightenment. 'Tis all of their lives they've grown to where the chiliades/Fans World Wide are of the 9th degree...As One in the mental so we shall be Infernally. Through their performances, a ceremony of Magickal Evocation begins. While the inner Demons commune through each member of S.H. from the afterlife: Elysian Fields, it is then and there when begins the transformation from man unto beings of another dimension; another wisdom older than this planet and galaxy. This ritual/celebration is where they as spirits have come from before moving on...A Sharpening of the Sword. It is a primeval, predatory spirituality among our perception which guides a generation whose been hexed into the new millennia: The Final Apocalypse ~ The 5th New Aeon. The end to end all.

2009 - Power~Purity~Perfection...999:
Satan's Host entered into the studio, "Flatline Audio," with Dave Otero Engineering this newest full length Satanic Metal Project. We began on the Walpurgisnacht, May Eve 2009, to begin our Satanic Consecration. Through our Metal, as with our physical and mental, we summoned up the Greatest Degrees of the Primal Demons inside our Black Flame...SITRA - AHRA. The Metal on this new project is very diverse. From different modes, to different keys. These new tracks are very much in harmony with the Underworld...666 There are eight full length songs, from 5 min. to 8:30 min., as with two acoustical interludes. Which separate the whole, three part concept of this new Luciferian Cd. We have recorded a sixty minute opus, which Will Enlighten your Demon, as with Empower your very Essence upon this Left Hand Path Black...999.

Patrick Evil ~ All Guitars, The Seven Strings of Sin, Rhythms, Leads, Harmonies and Beyond. As with all the Bass tracking on this project...Some Evil String Work...666. There is a wide array of Dark Melodies, which fill the Demonic Soul with a serenade unto the Dark Lord. Very Empowering rhythms, filled with groove and speed, which encapsulates the Purist Satanic Metal Essence in the scene today, as with Generations to be. His Energy filled the room with a Passion and Dedication unto his Art; The Guitar. It was awesome to watch him lay down the trax, and how he worked his Leads, as with modifying them on the spot. His Evil Spirit, was radiating on the Eves of my Witnessing his Satanic Attack. His Legendary Guitar Work on this Cd., is What makes the Satanic Energy Manifest into form on this Dimension of Existence.

Drummer Anthony "Evil Little Hobbit" ~ Making his debut with Satan's Host on this particular Cd. A True Metal Warrior with the Spirit of Embracing, the newest techniques out in the Metal Drum-World of the past, as with the new and into the future of Metal. Once his dedication was of complete focus, this Warrior became the 'Beta' / Satanic Drum of the Host. Where his techniques would enhance the Guitar and Vocal work to a whole new degree of Perfection. Which is very apparent on these new trax, he adds to our Satanic Magick, our Satanic Metal. His drive and commitment shines threw on his Drum Trax, leaving those of the past far behind. His work ethic is very Professional, he was able to track all the Drums in two days, which saved us a lot of time and money. They were knocked out in one or two takes, every and all Eight trax which are about 5 min. ~ 8:30 min. long in time. Take notice, be aware of this subtle Magick that Will Fill your Primal with Demonic Fire.

L.C.F. Eli Elixir ~ All Vox tracking, Backing Vox as with Spoken Incantations. Scripted All the Dark Poetic Lyrx, Titles, and Conceived the concept of this project. Engineered the Pre-production process, for seven months at the Satan's Host Muzik Grotto, prior to entering Production at Flatline Audio. The Conceptual Manifesto of this Cd., is for those of us who Live Beyond Good and Evil. Who have the Will, too project the Germ of an Idea, in attaining thou Inner Black-Flame. Dedicated to those of us on the Left Hand Path: Who are their Own Dark Gods...XEM DEITUS 999. A Working of Demons, Metaphysics, Prophecy and Luciferian Witchery. All this and then some, Encompassed inside this Cd. from Satan's Host in 2009.