Ajdath - Biography




Very well known in the Arabian metal scene, Ajdath, the death metal sensation from Jordan, were formed back in 1995 with the intention to create unique brutal death metal tunes accompanied with the Arabian spirit of music.

In the years after, the founding member of Ajdath, Omar Al Kilani, relocated to Poland and reactivated Ajdath with a new Polish line-up that never mitigated the fact that he is the mastermind behind the creation of Ajdath's music.

With the releases of the band's first demo, "They Will Burn" and several line-up changes, the band managed to establish a reputable status in the underground which strongly helped crafting their name as one of the most brutal Arabian metal bands. The demo was spread throughout Arabia and neighboring countries.

In 2006 Ajdath decided to join forces with Mute records. The result of the collaboration was the release of their debut album, "Triangle Of Death", which was released on November 28, 2006, Mute Records' sixth year in existence. The album was promoted through several shows in Poland, and was distributed worldwide in the underground via Jordan River Entertainment. The album features artwork by Jordanian artist Amer Kokh, manager of Jahannam.org.

The band's name derives from Fus'ha (Classical Arabic), which was mentioned in the Qur'an as the graves where the dead shall resurrect from.

(Source: www.jorzineonline.com)