Dreamtale - Biography




Dreamtale was founded by Rami Keränen in the early months of 1999. The band first gathered fame by playing as Sinergy's supporting act in Finland, but the biggest fuzz was made when they released their second demo "Refuge from Reality": it was sold out on its day of release!

Most copies of the demo were sold to Japan, the power-metal mecca of the world, and it didn't take long before rumors of a hot new metal-band reached record labels' ears. Dreamtale started receiving recording deal offers from all over the world, and in August 2001 a deal with Spinefarm Records was sealed.

In December 2001, Dreamtale started the recordings of "Beyond Reality". After giving the album its finishing touches, Dreamtale went through changes in their line-up: bassist Alois Weimer was replaced by Pasi Ristolainen, and a new singer, Tomi Viiltola, joined the group

"Beyond Reality", which was released in Japan in June and elsewhere during July 2002, sold amazing amounts in Japan and the band gathered a loyal following. The Japanese fans simply couldn't wait to get more, so the recordings of a second full-length album were decided to start as soon as possible.

Recordings for their second album Ocean's Heart were begun in January 2003 at Fantom studios Finland, where the album was then mixed by Samu Oittinen. Finishing touches were added with Mika Jussila's mastering at the famed Finnvox-studios.

Do not expect anything sort of spectacular, with "Ocean's Heart" Dreamtale is once again showing everyone what true Power Metal is really made of!