Velvet Cacoon - Biography

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Velvet Cacoon was an American black metal/ambient band from Portland, Oregon formed in 1996. The band was formed by three musicians, Josh "SGL" (guitar/bass/drums/vocals), Angela "LVG" (guitar), and SKV (drums). SKV got drunk and fell off the side of a mountain one night, and the 2 remaining members vowed never to replace him. The band is known for its particularly cold, melancholy and hypnotic brand of black metal, featuring quiet hissing vocals and repetitive, reverb-saturated guitar work.

Over the years the band released many albums and has been surrounded by controversy for making a slew of false claims, including a string of fake albums and completely false band history. They also came under criticism for plagiarizing the works of Portland band Korouva and "releasing" them (spreading them around online) as their own demos.