Thy Flesh Consumed - Biography



Since our (mis)conception in 2001 Thy Flesh Consumed has always stood in the face of mankind and the righteousness of religious despotism. Preaching lyrical content from the impending and looming cloud of war striken on the planet, to environmental issues, drug induction, and religion. The dis-members include Pete Mestre on vocals , Gerald Smith (Sloth, Existench, Gorbage) on drums ,, Dan Jamieson (Sloth, wohedness) on guitars, Ross Vickers on bass (Terratomb, Solemn Passing), and Dave Burns (Burning moon, ready for Eddie).Past members include John Haight (Wohedness) and Randy Jeddry (Despot, fist fight).Shortly after the forming of the band the abomination Dawn Of The Impurity Design was released under the bands own wallet (independent) John had left for personal reasons and Dave Burns was brought in to fill the void for second guitars.

Dawn Of The Impurity Design proven to be a success for the band and further solidified the ideals behind the bands future. Now the band had a sense of what they had to convey to the world and a means to project it, through brutal riffs and mind splitting vocals. Work quickly began on the second album End Of Blind Obedience which was also produced by the first releases producer Steve outhit at Deep nine studios. End Of Blind Obedience was the first album produced by "THY FLESH" to be released by a record label. That record label is CDN Records and the signing proved to be an excellent catalyst for the heretic war machine.

Following the signing of the second album came two tours in which the band got the chance to learn the rigors of the road and to get our experience playing in front of new audiences. Eventually, for personal reasons, the band parted ways with bassist Randy Jeddry. Ross Vickers was brought in as the newest edition to the band on bass.

We have now completed the third Thy Flesh Consumed album by the name of Pacified By Oceans Of Blood. Produced by Gord Ash and J. Lapoint, mastered by J. Lapoint this album is our newest opus .

Work has already begun on a fourth album. The new riffs exciting for us because of a few reasons. We have gotten the opportunity to get more input from the newest member Ross and have some new gear upgrades to help us along, one of which is a touring van so future shows will be easy to plot. We hope to get in the studio and begin the drum tracks as soon as the songs are all complete. We will keep all of our fans and listeners posted on this progress as it unfolds.